Lee Se Young Shows Admiration For Her Character In

Lee Se Young recently flaunted her lovely charms on the cover of Big Issue magazine!

The star’s photo shoot captures a warm spring mood as well as Lee Se Young’s modern and enchanting atmosphere.

During her interview, Lee Se Young spoke about her latest role as Seong Deok Im in the hit drama “The Red Sleeve.” She was asked, “What makes Deok Im different from your past roles as court ladies?” and Lee Se Young answered, “The scene where Deok Im was the coolest is the ending of episode 5. She says, ‘I will protect you.’ It was cool for an insignificant court lady to say something like that and I wanted to believe in those words.”

The actress continued, “I want to continue acting as I get older and to do that, I try not to compare myself to others. Sports are a competition between your own records. It’s the same for me.”

Lee Se Young shared that careers in sports and acting were comparable to her, explaining, “If I did this much yesterday, I compare myself to yesterday and try to move forward one step today. If I move forward, I will be able to grow whether I am or am not jealous of others. I do not believe that I will ever be first place and I do not have greed for that.”

Big Issue magazine is a publication made to help residentially vulnerable social groups seek independence. You can check out Lee Se Young’s full pictorial and interview in issue 270 of Big Issue magazine.

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