Watch: Song Kang And Lee Sung Wook Team Up To Tease Park Min Young While Filming

JTBC has released a new “Forecasting Love and Weather” making clip!

“Forecasting Love and Weather” is a romance drama about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Park Min Young stars as the frosty Jin Ha Kyung, who does everything by the book and is fastidious about keeping her personal and professional lives separate, while Song Kang stars as the free-spirited and determined Lee Si Woo, who boasts an impressive IQ of 150 but only cares about the weather.

The video starts with Song Kang practicing the scene where he rushes around his workplace in a panic, looking for Park Min Young. After Song Kang deliberates his lines, Park Min Young stands up and adorably starts dancing the iconic “Hey Mama” choreography from “Street Woman Fighter.” Even while joking around, the two impressively get into character right away to finish rehearsals.

Although Song Kang’s character tries his best to tell Jin Ha Kyung that her mother’s been rushed to the hospital, she does not understand the severity of the situation. That’s when her co-worker Um Dong Han (Lee Sung Wook) makes his entrance to tell her to leave all the work to him and go to the hospital. Lee Sung Wook suggests that he cut his wordy lines short and comments with a laugh, “But here, it might be a bit much, [but I want to say] Jin Ha Kyung.” While his suggestion makes everyone giggle, the director agrees to add it in.

The actors continue modifying their lines to better suit the situation and Song Kang pokes fun at Park Min Young by telling her informally, “Go quickly.” She immediately responds, “No. Not that!” Lee Sung Wook chimes in, “What about [informally calling her] Ha Kyung-ah?”, making everyone burst into laugher.

As Song Kang and Lee Sung Wook are trying to get Park Min Young to take her purse and leave, Lee Sung Wook must carry it into the scene. Park Min Young asks him with a laugh, “How are you going to carry it in?” Lee Sung Wook responds, “The fact that I’m holding this is comedic.” He jokes, “Should I wear it on my shoulder?”

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