SinB Reveals She Didn’t Know “MAGO” Would Be GFRIEND’s Final Round Of Promotions + Talks About Possibility Of Reunion

SinB recently opened up about GFRIEND’s disbandment—and why she’s confident they will reunite one day.

Last year, GFRIEND officially disbanded following the expiration of their contracts with Source Music. Despite going their separate ways, the GFRIEND members have been vocal in supporting one another as they start anew under different agencies—and last month, SinB, Eunha, and Umji redebuted together as a three-member group named VIVIZ.

On the latest episode of “SCAN VIVIZ,” SinB spoke candidly about GFRIEND’s disbandment and confessed that she hadn’t known their 2020 release “MAGO” would mark their final round of promotions together.

SinB regretfully explained that because she’d been depressed for a long time before their “MAGO” promotions—and because she hadn’t known they would be GFRIEND’s final promotions as a group—she hadn’t been as motivated as she would have liked during those activities.

“I think it started around our ‘Fever‘ promotions,” said SinB. “From then on, I hated watching myself perform. I used to really love watching fancams of myself, but starting around then, I stopped wanting to watch them, and I hated [the way I looked] in them. Because I wasn’t satisfied with [my own performances]. So starting from then on, I gradually began to lose motivation.”

She continued, “That feeling of depression lasted a really long time. The depression lasted through our final round of promotions [as GFRIEND], so to be honest, my motivation had really dropped before our [‘MAGO’] promotions. Because I didn’t know that they would be our final promotions [as a group]. So I went through the promotions feeling really unmotivated, because of my depression, and looking back on it now, I find myself thinking, ‘Why did I wrap up those promotions without any motivation?’ I think that might be the reason I’m burning with motivation now, the reason I’m even more motivated and determined to work hard.”

SinB went on to recall that GFRIEND had gone through a really tough time before the official announcement of their disbandment, sharing, “We didn’t know how to tell our fans, ‘We won’t be [promoting as a group] anymore. GFRIEND won’t be renewing our contracts.’ We weren’t allowed to tell the fans first before [the company’s announcement]. So if you watch our V Live broadcasts from about a month before the news [of our disbandment] broke, the members will suddenly start crying in the middle. There are clips of the members crying while watching videos of the fans cheering us on.”

“We cried so much beforehand that I thought we wouldn’t cry on the day the news articles [about our disbandment] were published, since we’d already cried so much,” she continued. “But we lived in two dorms with three members each, and I lived with Sowon and Eunha. And when we all saw the news in the morning, we all came out of our rooms crying at the same time, with tears running down our faces. Even though I’d thought we wouldn’t cry.

“Last year, we didn’t show it in front of our fans, and we didn’t show it during broadcasts, but it was a really, really tough year for all of us. I never imagined that I could cry so much during one year. I feel like I cried enough tears for an entire lifetime last year.”

However, SinB emphasized that she firmly believes GFRIEND will reunite someday, noting that VIVIZ had chosen not to pick a leader for the group because they still consider Sowon their leader.

“Honestly, I believe that GFRIEND will get back together again one day to release an album or do something as a group,” she said. “So we decided amongst ourselves, ‘We don’t need more than one leader: Sowon is enough. So let’s not pick a leader.’ And we didn’t choose a new leader. We left the spot of leader open for her.”

“I personally think we’ll only be apart for a short time,” SinB went on. “I think if we work hard and do a good job with our promotions [as VIVIZ], and each member hones her skills on her own, and then we reunite afterwards, that would look really cool too.”

VIVIZ will soon be competing on Mnet’s upcoming idol competition program “Queendom 2,” which is scheduled to premiere on March 31. Check out a teaser for the show here!

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