Watch: JYP's New Girl Group NMIXX Reacts To Their Own Debut MV

JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group NMIXX has shared a fun reaction video for their debut music video!

On March 6, NMIXX posted a cute clip of themselves watching the music video for their debut track “O.O.” Throughout the video, NMIXX adorably hype each other up and react with awe at how the CGI and special effects turned out.

Lily reveals that the dominoes she knocks over in the music video were actually very small in real life, and Kyujin similarly explains that the wall she runs through was added later using CGI: “I was just jumping in an empty space [during filming].” The NMIXX members also marvel at how beautiful the “superhero” portion of the music video turned out, noting that because they filmed the scene with multiple flowery islands in front of a green screen, they’d had no idea what the final result would look like.

Several of the members go on to confess that they actually stopped playing the video after the NMIXX logo shows up on screen, meaning they accidentally missed Jiwoo’s “bonus scene” at the very end. Even Jiwoo herself made that mistake, recalling with a laugh that she only found out when her friends contacted her to say, “Jiwoo, you’re the ending shot?”

After watching the music video together, the idols take turns sharing their personal favorite scenes. Jiwoo chooses the donut shop scene, while Sullyoon specifically names the moment when the members jump out of the donut shop and flowers start blooming in the street. Bae picks the moment when the music makes an abrupt change in the second verse, commenting, “Whenever I see that scene change, I get goosebumps.”

Haewon reveals that the first time she started watching the music video, she nearly teared up, and Jinni agrees, adding, “Because it’s the first one of our entire lives.”

Check out the full reaction video below!

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