Shin Hyun Been And Goo Kyo Hwan Are Lured In By A Mysterious Force In Upcoming Horror Drama Posters

New posters for the upcoming horror drama “Monstrous” (literal title) have been released!

“Monstrous” is about the people who are lured in by a curse from “that thing” that shouldn’t have come out into the world and tells the story of archaeologists who chase after monstrous cases that have never been heard of. As a village gets swept up in disaster with the discovery of a mysterious possessed statue of the Buddha, the confusion from the people who face the strange terror and the process of chasing after it will deliver great suspense to viewers.

The drama is penned by director Yeon Sang Ho, who directed “Train to Busan” and “Peninsula” and wrote the OCN drama “The Cursed,” as well as Ryu Yong Jae, who wrote “Pied Piper” and “My Holo Love.” It will be directed by Jang Gun Jae, who won Best Screenplay at the 16th Busan Film Critics Award and Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 3rd Wildflower Film Awards with the film “A Midsummer’s Fantasia.”

Goo Kyo Hwan plays the eccentric archaeologist Jung Ki Hoon who researches bizarre supernatural phenomena. In the midst of running the occult YouTube channel titled “Monthly Ghost Stories,” he faces a strange and unbelievable phenomenon while investigating the Buddha statue found in Jinyang County.

Shin Hyun Been stars as the genius pattern cryptanalyst Lee Soo Jin who ends up having to face a terrible disaster. After losing her only daughter, Lee Soo Jin puts down everything to return to Jinyang County where she begins to experience inexplicable events. The chemistry and strong acting skills of the two actors are points to anticipate in the drama.

The two posters show Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin looking glass-eyed with pieces of cloth each covering one of their eyes. The shape of a Buddha statue is reflected in their deep dark eyes, and they are drawn to an irresistible and mysterious force, creating chilling vibes. The bright glints in their pupils catch viewers’ attention and raise questions about who or what is luring them. The worn-out pieces of fabric with mysterious faded letters written in an unknown language also raise questions about the eerie force tempting them. On the side of the posters, the words read, “Those who see the eyes will be trapped in hell,” leaving a frightening impression.

The production team stated, “The detailed acting of Goo Kyo Hwan and Shin Hyun Been add strength to the original world created by writer Yeon Sang Ho. Viewers can look forward to the new world of supernatural thrillers that the cast and crew will complete.”

“Monstrous” will be released via TVING in April.

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