Trot Singer And Former Soldier Park Goon Announces Marriage To Actress Han Young

Singer Park Goon and actress Han Young are getting married!

On March 7 KST, both Park Goon, a former soldier who debuted as a trot singer in 2019, and actress Han Young, uploaded handwritten letters on their Instagram accounts to announce their upcoming marriage.

Read Park Goon’s post below:

I worried a lot about what to start this off with so I’ve erased and rewritten this numerous times.

As I wanted to share this good news with my family members [Park Goon’s fans] first, we were cautiously in preparations [to release a statement] when articles of our dating news were released. Since it was such an unexpected situation, I wasn’t able to upload a post on my fan café right away and I want to apologize once again to my family members who may have felt upset by that.

To be honest, the news we were preparing was not our dating news, but rather our marriage announcement. I wanted to honestly and prettily share this news through ‘My Little Old Boy‘ where I’ve received so much love, and I was obviously preparing to tell my fans [family members] before the broadcast. I feel so apologetic that [my dating news] was released through articles first and I was also extremely flustered because this was different from what I had planned.

Since I was preparing to release my statement on the day of the broadcast before it aired, I ask for my family members’ generous understanding that it took awhile to adjust my plans and share this news today.

I have always held inside my heart the words of my family members wishing that I live happily with a good person and home so that I am not alone or lonely. As I’ve been given so much love and many opportunities throughout my short career as a celebrity, I’ve only looked and moved forward. However, due to the emptiness and various bad happenings that followed behind me, my dream started to sway.

I have come to grow a pretty love with Han Young, who would hold and comfort me whenever that would happen. In the future, as my family members have said, I will live well and happily while no longer feeling lonely. I ask for support and blessings from my family members. In the future, I, Park Goon, will promote even more diligently and responsibly. As always, thank you and I love you.

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Han Young also shared her own post, which reads as follows:

Hello. This is Han Young. I am going to cautiously share something.

We were honestly in the middle of preparing our marriage announcement. A few days ago, unexpected news articles of our relationship were released. The day they were released, I wanted to upload a statement, but we had plans to announce [our marriage] through ‘My Little Old Boy’ so we ask for your understanding that it took some time and we couldn’t say anything right away. (We were planning on releasing statements before the broadcast that day)

We met as colleagues and became a couple after comforting and relating to each other through tough times. Now that we are a family, we will cherish and protect each other. With this nice, polite, and one-of-a-kind person, I will live well while we share, lean on, and care for each other. Please bless and support us.

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Park Goon and Han Young met on the SBS program “Light Up Your Daily Life.” Park Goon, who is 37, and Han Young, who is 45 [both by Korean reckoning], confirmed dating reports just last week on February 28. On March 7, Park Goon’s agency Total Set shared with Xportsnews, “Park Goon plans to hold a wedding with Han Young at the end of April. The specific date and venue have yet to be decided.” The agency also confirmed that this was not a shotgun wedding.

Congratulations to the couple!

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