“Twenty Five, Twenty One,” Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, And WJSN’s Bona Sweep Most Buzzworthy Drama And Actor Rankings

tvN’s “Twenty Five, Twenty One” has continued its reign over this week’s rankings of the most buzzworthy dramas and actors!

For the fourth consecutive week, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” ranked No. 1 on Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of the dramas that generated the most buzz. The company determines each week’s rankings by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media about dramas that are either currently airing or set to air soon.

Not only did “Twenty Five, Twenty One” top the list of most buzzworthy dramas for the fourth week in a row, but its stars also swept the top three spots on the list of most buzzworthy cast members: Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, and WJSN’s Bona came in at No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 respectively.

KBS 2TV’s “Young Lady and Gentleman” rose to No. 2 on the drama list this week, while stars Park Ha Na and Ji Hyun Woo climbed to No. 5 and No. 6 respectively.

SBS’s new drama “A Business Proposal” claimed No. 3 on the drama list, with stars Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo Seop entering the actor rankings at No. 4 and No. 7 respectively.

JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” ranked No. 4 on the drama list, and its leading lady Park Min Young came in at No. 10 on the actor list.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Thirty-Nine” took No. 5 on the drama list, with star Son Ye Jin at No. 9 on the actor list.

SBS’s “Through the Darkness” ranked No. 6 on the drama list, while star Kim Nam Gil rose to No. 8 in the actor rankings.

Finally, tvN’s new drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” entered the drama rankings at No. 7 this week.

The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz in the first week of March are as follows:

  1. tvN “Twenty Five, Twenty One”
  2. KBS2 “Young Lady and Gentleman”
  3. SBS “A Business Proposal”
  4. JTBC “Forecasting Love and Weather”
  5. JTBC “Thirty-Nine”
  6. SBS “Through the Darkness”
  7. tvN “Military Prosecutor Doberman”
  8. TV Chosun “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3”
  9. KBS “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won
  10. MBC “Tracer

Meanwhile, the top 10 drama actors that generated the most buzz this week are as follows:

  1. Kim Tae Ri (“Twenty Five, Twenty One”)
  2. Nam Joo Hyuk (“Twenty Five, Twenty One”)
  3. Bona (“Twenty Five, Twenty One”)
  4. Kim Sejeong (“A Business Proposal”)
  5. Park Ha Na (“Young Lady and Gentleman”)
  6. Ji Hyun Woo (“Young Lady and Gentleman”)
  7. Ahn Hyo Seop (“A Business Proposal”)
  8. Kim Nam Gil (“Through the Darkness”)
  9. Son Ye Jin (“Thirty-Nine”)
  10. Park Min Young (“Forecasting Love and Weather”)

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