Watch: Kim Nam Gil Can't Stop Laughing At Jin Sun Kyu's Playful Nature While Filming

SBS released new behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of “Through the Darkness”!

Set in the late 1990s, “Through the Darkness” is a drama based on the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler. Kim Nam Gil stars as Song Ha Young, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behavior Analysis team, while Jin Sun Kyu plays his friend and colleague Guk Young Soo who originally brought him onto the team. Ryeoun stars as Jung Woo Joo, the youngest member of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team.

This new making-of video especially focuses on Jin Sun Kyu’s bright and playful nature as he jokes around with his co-stars on the drama set. It starts with Kim Nam Gil, Jin Sun Kyu, and Ryeoun walking towards the camera. They’re supposed to enter the door to their right, but Jin Sun Kyu, who is leading the trio, continues to confidently stride forward. When the staff member points to the correct entrance, Jin Sun Kyu immediately spins around, and Kim Nam Gil and Ryeoun burst into laughter.

While waiting for filming to start, Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu work hard to memorize the script. They repeatedly say their difficult lines, showing their passion to do a flawless job. Jin Sun Kyu also shows his down-to-earth side as he tries to hold back his laughter. His hilarious attempts make Kim Nam Gil crack up, and Jin Sun Kyu even pretends to slap his face to get himself to stop laughing. Then he pretends a notebook is a cell phone and eagerly shows it off to everyone. He attempts to get into serious mode and says his line, “Any questions?” One actor jokes, “How much [is the phone]?” Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu laugh heartily, and Jin Sun Kyu comments, “I haven’t decided the price yet.”

Next, Jin Sun Kyu, Kim Nam Gil, and Ryeoun start getting ready to film a scene in the Criminal Behavior Analysis team room. Jin Sun Kyu fixes his hair while looking in the mirror, and a staff member asks if he sprayed on cologne. Grinning, Jin Sun Kyu responds, “Why? Is it noticeable?” The actor continues to brighten the atmosphere with his silly jokes and random dance moves.

Check out the full video below!

“Through the Darkness” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up on previous episodes of the drama with subtitles below!

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