Lee Won Geun Discusses Upcoming Drama

Lee Won Geun has shared his thoughts on his starring role in OCN’s upcoming drama “A Superior Day”!

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “A Superior Day” is a thriller about the 24-hour nightmare of an ordinary man who must save his kidnapped daughter by murdering the serial killer who lives next door.

Jin Goo will star as Lee Ho Chul, a firefighter who has only 24 hours to rescue his kidnapped daughter, while Ha Do Kwon will play Bae Tae Jin, a slick professional hitman who is chasing the elusive serial killer Kwon Si Woo (played by Lee Won Geun).

First off, Lee Won Geun expressed his joy about being part of the drama. He commented, “It’s such an honor to work with a great director, writer, and senior actors. We started filming in the cold winter, but I’m always grateful that everyone created a warm set with one heart.”

His character Kwon Si Woo is a serial killer who hides his vicious nature behind his perfect appearance and lives among other people. As he is someone with two faces, fans are curious to see how Lee Won Geun will portray his double life. The actor shared, “I researched [a way to] to exude cool vibes even with his pure and kind appearance.”

He continued, “No matter what situation [my character was in] or person [my character] faced, I acted with the single message of ‘I’m more superior. Since he is a person who kills without guilt to gain superiority, I thought he wanted to be a bit vile rather than just frightening, so I practiced even the most minor actions and facial expressions.”

This is the first time Lee Won Geun is playing a villain. Concerning that, he remarked, “Kwon Si Woo is a character who is like a homework and goal for me. While referring to the psychopath character and looking in the mirror, I thought a lot about how to create his smile. Through Kwon Si Woo, I’ll do my best to make my smile feel creepy.”

Lee Won Geun shared, “You must binge watch ‘A Superior Day’ four or more times. At first, you can watch while following the speed and story of the drama. Then if you watch it again from the perspectives of Lee Ho Chul, Bae Tae Jin, and Kwon Si Woo, you will be able to immerse into the drama more.”

He added, “Even if they’re all heading towards a single goal, their thoughts and feelings are different in each scene, so the key of the story varies depending on which point of view you see it from. When you do that and watch the drama for the final time, you’ll be able to enjoy it much more.”

OCN’s “A Superior Day” premieres on March 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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