Kim Jae Wook Makes A Drastic Transformation After Losing His Memory In

KBS 2TV’s “Crazy Love” has shared a sneak peek of Kim Jae Wook’s drastic transformation!

“Crazy Love” is the sweet, savage, and chaotic love story between a rude but skilled instructor who receives a death threat and his secretary who is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Kim Jae Wook stars as Noh Go Jin, a narcissistic man who is the CEO of the education company GOTOP and the top math instructor in the country. f(x)s Krystal stars as Lee Shin Ah, Noh Go Jin’s secretary, who does not have much of a presence. Ha Jun takes the role of Oh Sae Gi, the handsome vice president of GOTOP who has the ability to coax Noh Go Jin and comfort the employees who have been hurt by the CEO.


Previously, viewers got a taste of Noh Go Jin’s nasty personality. Despite his intelligence and sharpness, he is actually the worst boss that one never wants to work with. He is sensitive to small differences, and he doesn’t hesitate to pour harsh words to those who can’t match his strictness. In addition, he constantly threatens to fire his employees, causing them to always walk on eggshells around him.

The production crew hinted that Noh Go Jin will make a 180-degree transformation in the upcoming episodes. The newly released stills show the clear difference before and after his mysterious accident. After losing his memory, he will turn into someone unrecognizable. First off, his gaze is no longer cold and merciless. Instead, he has wide, puppy-like eyes, and what’s even more startling is the mild, warm smile on his face. On top of that, his bangs are now covering his forehead, which makes him look more gentle than ever. Expectations are high for Noh Go Jin’s future changes.

The drama’s producers commented, “Kim Jae Wook completed Noh Go Jin’s arrogant character with clumsiness and comedy, making viewers want to keep seeing him. Starting next week, he, who is suffering from amnesia, will make viewers laugh even more with his meek personality. Please look forward to it.”

“Crazy Love” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Kim Jae Wook play a villain in “Voice“:

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