3 Reasons To Anticipate The Premiere Of New Thriller Drama

OCN’s “A Superior Day” is one day out from its highly anticipated premiere!

Based on a webtoon, “A Superior Day” is about an ordinary man who has 24 hours to kill the serial killer who lives next door in order to save his kidnapped daughter.

Here are three reasons to look forward to the new OCN thriller:

Explosive meeting of Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon, and Lee Won Geun

“A Superior Day” features three talented actors in the lead cast: the realistic actor Jin Goo, who plays the desperate father Lee Ho Chul, the scene-stealer Ha Do Kwon, who plays a hitman named Bae Tae Jin, and the rising young actor Lee Won Geun, who plays the serial killer Kwon Si Woo.

Viewers can look forward to the talented lead cast’s portrayal of the tense relations between an ordinary family man, a cold and calculating hitman, and a cruel serial killer. The cast is also rounded out by Im Hwa Young, who plays Choi Jung Hye, Park Min Jung, who plays Detective Chu, and Song Young Kyu, who plays President Jang. Rookie actors Jo Yoo Ha and Kim Do Hyun play Lee Soo Ah and Kim Dong Joo.

Explosive time limit

Some crime and mystery dramas spin out their story over weeks or months, but “A Superior Day” promises the high-octane thrill of a firm deadline: 24 hours. Set against the backdrop of a high-class apartment building, these men have just 24 hours in order to resolve their life-and-death chase. Lee Ho Chul must stop a terrifying criminal in order to save his daughter, Bae Tae Jin is using Lee Ho Chul to do his dirty work, and Kwon Si Woo is a psychopath who wants to prove to the world that he’s superior to everyone else.

Viewers can expect a wild ride with many twists and turns in a story where every minute and every second counts. How will the 24-hour chase end and who will come out on top as “superior”?

Explosive genre

OCN is known for making dramas that set the standard for their various genres, whether it’s horror, fantasy, or crime thriller. “A Superior Day” promises to be in that same line, being based on a hit webtoon by the authors of the “Sweet Home” and “Dr. Hound” webtoons. OCN has had great success adapting webtoons in the past, such as “Strangers from Hell” and “The Uncanny Counter.”

Fans of the original webtoon are curious to see how the webtoon’s story will be adapted for the TV format. The original webtoon writers have praised the three lead actors’ chemistry and synchronization with the original characters, while the production staff promised to faithfully follow the immersion of the original while introducing new situations. To capture the viewers’ attention, the drama must bring to life what made the webtoon great while adding the unique charms of the drama format.

“A Superior Day” premieres on March 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

Check out a trailer below!

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