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SBS’s “Through the Darkness” came to an end on March 11, earning an average nationwide rating of 7.0 percent.

Set in the late 1990s, “Through the Darkness” is a drama based on the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler. Kim Nam Gil stars as Song Ha Young, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behavior Analysis team, while Jin Sun Kyu plays his friend and colleague Guk Young Soo who originally brought him onto the team. Kim So Jin stars as Yoon Tae Goo, the team leader of the Mobile Investigation Unit at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Here are three lines delivered by Kim Nam Gil that will remain unforgettable for viewers:

1. The line that changed the drama: “You’re just a worthless murderer.”

Kim Nam Gil captivated the viewers with his charisma while bringing out the details of his character as the plot reached its climax.

In episode 8, Song Ha Young interrogated Gu Young Chun (Han Jun Woo), who murdered wealthy senior citizens. Song Ha Young tried to suppress his anger after Gu Young Chun claimed that his crimes are justifiable. As Gu Young Chun continued to maintain his arrogant attitude, Song Ha Young said, “You’re just a worthless murderer,” to place psychological pressure on him. Kim Nam Gil’s cold look, words, and facial expressions raised the tension of the scene.

2. His determination to catch the culprit: “I was only trying to put myself in the culprit’s shoes.”

Song Ha Young put himself in the culprit’s shoes to catch Nam Ki Tae (Kim Joong Hee) in episode 9. He paid close attention to cases that involved the evolution of criminals’ methods while studying the crime. Song Ha Young visited the crime scene while placing different weapons in his hands to act like the culprit. People started to worry about Song Ha Young as he went great lengths to put himself in the culprit’s shoes without taking care of himself.

When Guk Young Soo expressed his concern, Song Ha Young said, “I was only trying to put myself in the culprit’s shoes,” showing his determination to do so. Kim Nam Gil was able to bring out his character’s complex emotions both externally and internally.

3. His unbearable outburst of anger: “I think you’re worse than a wild animal, what do you think?”

In episode 10, Song Ha Young was unable to control his anger when Nam Ki Tae boasted about his crimes like Gu Young Chun.

Song Ha Young questioned Nam Ki Tae, saying, “I think you’re worse than a wild animal. What do you think?” Song Ha Young looked miserable as Nam Ki Tae continued to smile and reminisced about his crimes. Kim Nam Gil delivered his character’s emotions with his eyes as he let out a sigh.

Near the end of the episode, Song Ha Young’s car overturned when he started hallucinating and got a panic attack as he thought of the times he came face-to-face with the serial killers. The ending previewed a new crime approaching while Song Ha Young struggled to breathe properly.

Kim Nam Gil was able to enhance his character’s narrative with his facial expressions and movements.

The final episode of “Through the Darkness” aired on March 12 at 10 p.m. KST.

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