Kim Woo Seok Struggles To Adapt To Military Life In

tvN’s upcoming drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has shared a sneak peek of Kim Woo Seok’s struggles in the military!

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” is a new drama about two military prosecutors who chose the job for very different reasons—but who ultimately wind up coming together to fight evil. Ahn Bo Hyun stars as Do Bae Man, an apathetic prosecutor who only took the job for money, while Jo Bo Ah stars as heiress Cha Woo In, who became a military prosecutor for revenge.


Previously on “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” the privileged and elitist IM Defense chairman Noh Tae Nam (played by Kim Woo Seok) asked Do Bae Man to find a way to get him out of his mandatory military service. Although the two had been planning a secret project to get Noh Tae Nam an exemption, it all went to pieces due to Noh Tae Nam being charged with sexually assaulting a college student.

In order to get the lightest sentence possible, Noh Tae Nam—who had previously been so opposed to the idea of serving in the military—ultimately winds up escaping to the place he had wanted to avoid the most. To take advantage of his mother Noh Hwa Young (Oh Yeon Soo)’s power and influence in the military, where she was recently appointed division commander, Noh Tae Nam enlists in the military so that he can be tried in military court, where military rank reigns supreme.

However, once Noh Tae Nam leaves his luxurious life behind to join the military, he finds himself struggling to adapt to the physically demanding training required of all soldiers. In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Noh Tae Nam looks exhausted and miserable as he undergoes the same rigorous training as all of his fellow recruits.

Praising Kim Woo Seok’s acting and dedication to his role, the producers of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” remarked, “It wouldn’t have been possible to perfect Noh Tae Nam’s military training scenes without the passion of actor Kim Woo Seok. Even though the filming was as challenging and exhausting as actual military training, Kim Woo Seok kept smiling throughout the entire shoot, and we would like to express our gratitude to him.”

“In particular, in order to play the role of Noh Tae Nam, Kim Woo Seok even got a buzz cut like a military recruit in a real life,” they continued. “His passion while filming this drama is truly unparalleled. You can safely look forward to his performance in future episodes of the drama as well.”

The next episode of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” will air on March 14 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up on previous episodes of the drama below!

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