Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, Kim Sung Ryung, And More Realistically Portray Their Characters In

The conflict between the women in “Kill Heel” has started!

“Kill Heel” is about the fierce battles and endless ambition and greed of three women in the competitive world of home shopping networks. Kim Ha Neul stars as Woo Hyun, who strives to escape her stagnant life by becoming the top show host for UNI Home Shopping. Lee Hye Young stars as Mo Ran, a woman who climbed from humble beginnings as a clerk to the top as vice president of UNI Home Shopping. Kim Sung Ryung stars as Ok Sun, a show host at UNI Home Shopping who seems to have the perfect life from her famous politician husband and her adorable son.

The newly released stills show the tension between the women continuing to rise. Woo Hyun, who had just exploded in anger at her husband Do Il (Kim Jin Woo) and her mother-in-law (Jeon Gook Hyang), looks uncomfortable with her anger still palpable through the photo. In another still, she kneels in front of her child, looking at the ground. Through these pictures, it’s clear Woo Hyun is dealing with an internal struggle.

Meanwhile, Lee Hye Young caught viewers’ attention for her dynamic performance of Mo Ran. Mo Ran’s confidence and willingness to take action if it is for her benefit are portrayed as she leans down and offers a hand to Woo Hyun who is on the ground. The fierceness in her expression and posture displays her powerful presence. Additionally, in another still, she has a serious look on her face as she looks to her side. A slight smirk implies she may be thinking of her next move. Her battle with Woo Hyun and how it will turn out are points for viewers to anticipate.

Ok Sun also shows off her bright personality as she widens her eyes and looks curiously at something in front of her. In another still, she sits with her husband as they attend a gathering. While her life appears flawless from the outside with the perfect family and a successful job, her relationship with her politician husband In Guk (Jeon No Min) may tell a different story. Since Woo Hyun is determined to change and Mo Ran’s big-picture goal has yet to be revealed, viewers are curious to find out how their actions will affect Ok Sun’s life.

Along with the main characters, the supporting characters from the drama are also drawing lots of attention. Kim Jae Chul’s performance as the honest yet two-faced Hyun Wook as well as Jeon No Min’s portrayal of Ok Sun’s husband In Guk intrigued viewers in the first two episodes. Home shopping producing directors Jun Beom (Jung Eui Jae) and Sung Woo (Moon Ji In) brought an aspect of realism and fun as the two bickered playfully on set. Han Soo Yeon‘s performance as Hyun Wook’s wife Shin Ae also left a strong impact on viewers.

Ahead of the next episode, the production team said, “Woo Hyun, who is facing reality, has caused her social network to be shaken up following her transformation in order to climb to the top. The closely intertwined characters will respond in their own ways. Please look forward to the war of desires that will become dynamic.”

“Kill Heel” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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