DONGKIZ’s Jaechan’s Agency Denies School Bullying Rumors + Takes Legal Action

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan’s agency Dongyo Entertainment released a statement denying rumors of school bullying.

Recently on Twitter, an anonymous poster claimed that Jaechan smoked electronic cigarettes at school and that he harassed female students. The netizen also added graduation photos of Jaechan from elementary and middle school to support their claims. However, Dongyo Entertainment released a statement denying these claims.

The full statement is provided below:

We express our gratitude to fans who always support and cherish DONGKIZ.

We are providing our statement on the false information and rumors regarding Jaechan that has recently been shared via an online community.

1. What the post claims is not true.

After the post was published, we went through the process of checking with the artist personally and checking with his acquaintances, and we confirmed that what the post claims is not true.

Since the relevant issue is a socially important matter, the agency had already gone through the process of checking with representatives of the school regarding [the artist’s] social and school life since before his debut, and we checked that there were no problems.

2. The agency is currently waiting for results following legal procedures

From the moment the relevant post was published, the company has collected all reference materials. On March 4, 2022, we filed a lawsuit for cyber-libel and the suspicion of slander through the spread of false information, and we have continuously monitored the information that has been uploaded since then.

Furthermore, as of today (March 14), the investigator in charge has been assigned, and the investigation is currently in progress. We are informing you that the agency is checking in real time the progress of the investigation following legal procedures.

In the future, the agency will take strong legal action without settlement or leniency after continuously monitoring the false information and malicious comments regarding Jaechan as well as all of the agency’s artist. We ask for you to report to in the case you discover malicious posts regarding Dongyo Entertainment’s artists.

We ask for your generous understanding for causing concern to fans since the announcement was delayed in order to cooperate with the investigation agency by securing the identity of the defendant as well as any additional information.

We once again state that the false information and rumors that have been shared regarding Dongyo Entertainment’s artist are not true, and we hope that there are no confusions or misunderstandings due to the information.

Dongyo Entertainment will not sit still while watching a flower that has just begun to bloom be unfairly trampled on from a place hidden in anonymity.

Thank you.

DONGKIZ’s Jaechan recently starred in “Semantic Error,” which concluded last week.

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