Kihyun Talks About MONSTA X's Support For His Solo Debut, The Meaning Behind

MONSTA X’s Kihyun has made his long-awaited solo debut seven years after debuting with the group!

On March 15 at 6 p.m. KST, Kihyun released his first solo single album “VOYAGER” as well as the title track of the same name. In an interview, Kihyun introduced the album, discussed the preparations for his solo debut, and more. He commented, “A solo album is something I’ve only vaguely dreamed about and it feels new that this dream has come true today.”

He continued, “It definitely feels different from when I come out as MONSTA X. Thinking about having to do everything with just my own strength makes me more nervous and I’m a bit concerned about how fans will like my personal color. I tried to capture a wide variety of points that my fans could enjoyably listen to, mixed with the music style I typically like. As I put in so much effort, I believe that they’ll probably love it.”

To describe the meaning of his title track “VOYAGER,” Kihyun explained that the word meant “traveler” and shared, “Within that big concept of a voyager, I personally become one and take on the role of leading you to my personal music world.”

Kihyun added, “Out of the infinite universes that I will unfold as ‘Voyager Kihyun,’ this first world is my personal ‘paradise’ that I’ve always dreamed of. Through this album, I want to invite fans to that paradise. So that whenever you listen to my music, you can escape your busy reality even for just a moment. I’m happy that I can show you the music that best suits me.”

Among the tracks on “VOYAGER” is “COMMA,” which is the first song Kihyun has participated in lyric-writing for. Regarding this process, Kihyun shared, “Since it was my first time writing lyrics, I thought a lot about what kind of message I wanted to convey. Ultimately, I thought the overarching frame of this album was ‘comfort.’ I wanted to express what I’ve always worried about through lyrics.”

“I tried to capture the feeling of people who live while always trying to be happy and bright as lyrics,” he continued, “and the atmosphere of ‘COMMA’ can sound a little sad, but the lyrics are quite warm. While working on this, I thought that my members, who are always working on music, are amazing. With ‘COMMA’ as my start, I do not plan on stopping attempts to consistently broaden my spectrum.”

Kihyun also touched on his members’ responses to his solo debut. He commented, “When you mention MONSTA X, you can’t take out teamwork. All my members, without anyone missing, visited my music video set. This was seriously a lot more touching than you would think.”

Kihyun elaborated, “I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first album I’m preparing alone, but I had a lot of worries. Thanks to my members who weren’t nonchalant and came running to me despite being busy, I was able to forget about all my worries in those moments. They also meticulously monitored [what I filmed] and sent me their unconditional support. Although it’s my solo album, it’s also an album that is filled with MONSTA X’s affection. I want to tell my members that I’m thankful and that I love them.”

Lastly, Kihyun left a loving message for his fans. He commented, “Yoo Kihyun’s solo album that Monbebe [MONSTA X’s fan club] have been waiting and waiting for is finally coming out. As much as you’re looking forward to it, I’m also very excited and nervous. Are you ready to come over to my personal paradise that’s been filled with ‘VOYAGER’? As these are my first promotions of 2022, I diligently prepared, so it’ll be great if you look forward to it. Let’s have a great time during these promotions too!”

Check out Kihyun’s “VOYAGER” music video here!

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