Jisoo Shares Her Candid Response To BLACKPINK's Global Success, Why Her Future Self Is Her Role Model, And More

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is the Vogue cover star for April!

After a lengthy and tiresome photoshoot, Jisoo sat down for her Vogue interview past 1 a.m. – but still remained as playful as ever. Regarding the messages that can be conveyed through fashion, Jisoo commented, “It’s fun! I also find it enjoyable to discover new sides to myself. I also want others to gain confidence when they see me and feel that it’s okay to create change and take on challenges.”

Throughout her career, Jisoo has experienced lots of growth, which was especially evident with her recent venture into acting. Of her acting experience, Jisoo explained, “I met a lot of new people. I learned that something obvious to me can be a completely unfamiliar question to others and that we can have the same thoughts and concerns, even if we work in different fields. I guess I could say that my perspective of the world has gotten wider?”

She added, “While acting, I think I was able to focus on myself. I thought a lot. I kept experiencing the process where I’d ask myself, ‘What is it that I need right now?’ and then give myself an opinion, so it felt like I was able to live while looking at myself a bit more. As a result, I was able to cherish myself a little more, which has become a lot of help.”

Jisoo has seen tons of global success, with BLACKPINK being invited to Coachella, being the artist with the most subscribers on YouTube, collaborating with artists like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Dua Lipa, and attending events like Paris Fashion Week.

She candidly commented, “I’m not just saying this, but I’m not quite sure when people say that I’ve achieved huge things. Since I was practicing to Lady Gaga songs 10 years ago, it’s definitely a huge honor to have collaborated with her. But, how should I say this? It’s closer to working together after becoming friends.”

Jisoo continued, “With our Coachella performance, I was too busy thinking about finishing without making any mistakes that I couldn’t tell how big that stage actually was and how much fun everyone was having. [My members] were so happy and all said ‘Unnie! There are so many people. I’m so excited.'”

Laughing, Jisoo added, “I was the only one who was catching my breath and saying, ‘I didn’t know. I just did it while looking at the people in the front now. I was so out of it…” She continued, “Since I don’t really feel it, I can’t change. That’s why people around me say that I’m the same now as I was before my debut.”

In a different way, this means that Jisoo has a solid foundation that is not easily swayed by her surroundings. She responded, “I like that about myself. I feel proud when I see myself not being swayed. There are a lot of instances where people look at others and say, ‘I want that too,’ or ‘I want to become like that too,’ and forget about what it is that they really wanted to do. I really hate that feeling. Rather than others, I think it’s most important that I look at myself.”

Instead of having a role model, Jisoo explained how she looks towards her future self to find what journey is right for her. She shared, “I wish I was someone who looked towards my own happiness more. For awhile, it felt like I was sprinting just dealing with whatever situations I could in the moment. This is my changed mindset after experiencing a lot of things, but from a certain point on, I began giving priority to thinking about what I should do if I wanted to be happy. That’s why future Jisoo is in a very happy state and if I just think that I’m following her [footsteps], I’ll also be more happy now.”

Jisoo’s full photo shoot and interview will be available in the April issue of Vogue!

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