Watch: Kim Dong Wook Is A Monster On A Mission In Thrilling “The King Of Pigs” Highlight Teaser

“The King of Pigs” has released a haunting new highlight reel!

TVING’s “The King of Pigs” is a thriller that follows the people who recall their experiences as victims of violence due to the mysterious serial killings that begin when they receive a message from a friend from 20 years ago. Through these characters with tragic fates, the drama touches on the origin of school violence and the violence that pervades modern society.

Kim Dong Wook will play the role of Hwang Kyung Min who lives with the trauma of the school violence he experienced 20 years ago. Kim Sung Kyu will take on the role of detective Jung Jong Suk while Chae Jung An will play the charismatic detective Kang Jin Ah.

The highlight video begins with a lighthearted scene where Hwang Kyung Min is sharing a meal with his mother and his wife. The clip takes a dark turn when Hwang Kyung Min sees something that throws him into a deep state of shock and is inconsolable.

As Hwang Kyung Min gets involved in suspicious activity, his wife asks him, “What did you see in the garage that day?” She then pleads, “Kyung Min…let’s not do that.”

Later, Kang Jin Ah finds a mysterious message from Hwang Kyung Min asking detective Jung Jong Suk how he’s been. After Jung Jong Suk gets promoted, he receives a call from Kang Jin Ah who asks, “You know someone named Hwang Kyung Min, right?” He replies, “I haven’t seen him since middle school.”

The two detectives take on the case by tracking down everyone from their middle school class. Jung Jong Suk explains, “Including me, there was a total of 33 students in the same middle school class as Hwang Kyung Min 20 years ago.” Someone responds, “So among those 31 people, Hwang Kyung Min is going to kill someone else?”

Once Hwang Kyung Min starts to attack the other people from their class, Jung Jong Suk gets in contact with him to say, “You don’t know whether only monsters will be left in this world.” Hwang Kyung Min eerily responds, “Monster? That’s what I wanted.”

Kang Jin Ah eventually asks Jung Jong Suk, “In 8th grade, something happened to you and Hwang Kyung Min, right?” He explains, “Kyung Min and I were both victims of school violence.”

As the two find themselves at yet another crime scene of Hwang Kyung Min’s doing, Jung Jong Suk is reminded of their past. A bully tells them, “Do you guys know the difference between dogs and pigs? The majority of dogs are objects of affection. However, pigs are ripped apart and only have value as food for humans. If you’re to win against dogs, you just have to become more human.”

The search for Hwang Kyung Min gets more and more serious as Jung Jong Suk firmly states, “I think I have to be the one to catch Kyung Min.”

Check out the thrilling highlight clip below!

“The King of Pigs” premieres on March 18 on TVING. Watch another teaser here!

While you wait, start watching Kim Dong Wook in “Secret Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo” below!

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