Nam Joo Hyuk Is Caught Off Guard By Kim Tae Ri's Sorrowful Tears In

tvN’s “Twenty Five, Twenty One” has shared a glimpse of the next episode!

Set in 1998, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” stars Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do, an aspiring fencing athlete, and Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin, whose family was torn apart due to the financial crisis.


Previously, Na Hee Do was having the time of her life as she got closer to Go Yu Rim (WJSN‘s Bona), Moon Ji Woong (Choi Hyun Wook), and Ji Seung Wan (Lee Joo Myung). On top of that, her romance with Baek Yi Jin was fully blooming. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, but the newly released stills shared on March 16 show otherwise.

The photos depict Na Hee Do trying to find something. Baek Yi Yin calls her name, causing her to turn around. Her eyes are already teary, and at the sight of him, she eventually bursts into a sob. Baek Yi Jin can’t hide his shock and he embraces her. He comfortingly pats her back, causing her to cry even harder. What happened to Na Hee Do that made her break down?

For this scene, Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk, who are usually friendly and cheerful on set, talked less in order to immerse in their emotions and prepare for this scene. This moment required great teamwork, and they showed warm consideration for each other. While filming, Kim Tae Ri shed tears to maximize her character’s emotions, and Nam Joo Hyuk showed Baek Yi Jin’s caring emotions by tenderly comforting Na Hee Do.

Hwa & Dam Pictures commented, “Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk made the set solemn with their passionate acting in this important, meaningful scene where they have to share pain and comfort. Please look forward to episode 11, where their teamwork will shine, in order to see what Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin, whose relationship strengthened with trust, situation will face.”

This episode of “Twenty Five, Twenty One” will air on March 19 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Nam Joo Hyuk in “Josee“:

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