Jay Park Shares Behind-The-Scenes Story Of His Collaboration With IU On

On the March 19 episode of MBC’s “The Manager,” Jay Park appeared as a guest.

During the episode, Jun Hyun Moo asked him about retirement and taking down his Instagram account. He said, “You suddenly got rid of your Instagram account even though you had over 5.8 million followers. There were a lot of rumors about your retirement.”

Jay Park explained, “This is the first time I’ve spoken about this on TV. It was a tough decision. After setting up AOMG and deciding to leave, I also decided [to delete the account] and ended it on a good note. I want to make new memories now.”

Yang Se Hyung mentioned that even people who have over 10,000 followers on Instagram get calls from advertisers and can make tens of millions of won through paid ads. “You had a follower count that could have gotten you hundreds of millions of won,” he said. “You had millions of followers and you erased that.” But Jay Park replied, “I personally felt that I couldn’t assign value to things like Instagram followers or the number of likes.”

Jay Park continued, “I’m in my 15th year since my debut. I wanted to create a new picture, refresh myself. I set up a new company and also my own soju brand with the mindset of starting anew.”

In the episode, Jay Park and his manager went to the set of the music video for his new track “GANADARA,” featuring IU. He said, “I was grateful that IU agreed to be a featuring artist. It’s a very sweet song.”

Yoo Byung Jae asked who had suggested the idea first, and Jay Park said, “After listening to ‘All I Wanna Do,’ IU contacted me and said, ‘I really enjoy your music. Let’s work together sometime.’ I think she was just being polite, but I heard that and said, ‘Really?’ and immediately started preparing.”

Jay Park continued, “I couldn’t just go up and suggest that to her. She shared her intention with me first, so I immediately went to WOOGIE and said, ‘Let’s work with IU.'”

Check out Jay Park and IU’s collaboration “GANADARA” here!

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