9 K-Pop Tracks To Kickstart Your Spring Break

Spring is here, and spring break is pretty near! Holidays are not the same without pleasant company and a good ambience. You could spend your break at home with family or on a trip with your friends: either way, you’re going to need a good playlist to set the mood!

With BTS’s “Spring Day” and EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day” being some of this season’s usual viral bops, we’re bringing a fresh batch of old and new K-pop tracks to kickstart your spring break this year. Check them out below!

1. MAMAMOO’s Wheein – “Springtime”

Start your playlist with this beautiful melody brought to you by Wheein. Her soulful voice serenades you throughout the song as her lyrics narrate the beauty of spring and describe it as a timeless gift. She dedicates this ballad to MAMAMOO’s fandom MooMoos.

2. IU – “Blueming”

IU crafts a song that is quite fitting for today’s modern world. In her lyrics, she talks about what it takes to date by using social media. By changing the spelling of the title, she refers to feeling “blue” while on the quest of making the relationship bloom, which seems like a perfect analogy of the transition from winter to spring.

3. SHINee’s Jonghyun – “Before Our Spring”

“Before Our Spring” is one of the last songs Jonghyun worked on that was posthumously released as part of his final album “Poet | Artist.” The lyrics perfectly sum up how one feels when they’re longing to meet a friend, relative, or crush yet finds oneself unable to do so. The mellow tune brings a sense of comfort and hope to its listeners.

4. Seo Sung Hyuk – “Spring Picnic”

From the vivid scenery in the music video to the upbeat sound and the relatable lyrics, everything about this track screams spring. Seo Sung Hyuk is basically helping you plan the perfect spring picnic as you take some time off your studies. Enjoy the blossoming nature!

5. N.Flying – “Spring Memories”

If you’re looking for a soft lullaby fit for the season, N.Flying has got you covered! This band performance would be perfect to witness during nighttime with a light breeze alongside a crush or partner as company. Heart-fluttering, isn’t it?

6. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “Happy”

Just like the flowery season, love stories seem to bloom during this time of the year. Taeyeon knows a thing or two about it, and she is happily singing about it in this feel-good bop. Naturally, you’ll find yourself jamming to it before you even realize.

7. Stray Kids – “Airplane”

Whether your vacation spot is reachable by plane, bus, or train, this jam is a must on your travel playlist this spring. Stray Kids sure knows how to be and have fun, as the members get playful with each other in a chaotic energy.

8. NU’EST – “Again”

Following the news of their disbandment, NU’EST released one last track together to bid their fans farewell. “Again” is a beautiful walk down memory lane for the moments the members shared with their fandom throughout their careers. With a promise to meet again one day, this track reminds us that spring (and spring break) comes every year as well!

9. ONEWE – “End of Spring”

The moment has come: spring break is over. ONEWE’s “End of Spring” sounds fitting to kiss the holidays goodbye and head back to school with a relaxed and rejuvenated mindset. This would also be a dope track to play at the last party or during a road trip. See you next spring!

Which K-pop track is your anthem to kickstart spring break? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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