Kim Jae Wook And Krystal Are Just Inches Away From Their First Kiss In “Crazy Love”

Get ready for some heart-fluttering moments in the next episode of “Crazy Love”!

“Crazy Love” tells a sweet, savage, and chaotic love story between a rude but skilled instructor who receives a death threat and his secretary who is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Kim Jae Wook stars as Noh Go Jin, a narcissistic man who is the CEO of the education company GOTOP and the top math instructor in the country. f(x)’s Krystal stars as Lee Shin Ah, Noh Go Jin’s secretary, who does not have much of a presence.


On the previous episode of “Crazy Love,” Noh Go Jin revealed that he actually doesn’t have amnesia. With viewers highly anticipating the next plot development, the drama released new stills that show an unexpected turn of events.

In the preview for episode 8, Noh Go Jin mentioned a “hostage contract,” hinting that might be his way of getting payback for the way she took advantage of his so-called memory loss. Also, it showed them attending a glamorous party where one of the guests happen to be his first love Baek Soo Young (Yoo In Young).

Baek Soo Young warmly welcomed Noh Go Jin’s amnesia because she thought that meant he forgot about their heartbreaking breakup. She even moved to the place below his in order to start all over with him. However, she gets a cold wake-up call when Noh Go Jin shows up to the party with Lee Shin Ah as his date.

Another still captures a heart-thumping moment between Noh Go Jin and Lee Shin Ah. Judging from their fancy outfits, they’re at the party, and their close proximity makes viewers hold their breath. They’re just inches away from their first kiss, increasing curiosity about this event where many interesting things will take place.

The producers of “Crazy Love” teased, “Noh Go Jin and Lee Shin Ah, who catch attention with their dazzling looks, will finally stand in front of the romance path that viewers have been waiting for. However, Baek Soo Young’s appearance is expected to cause another unpredictable situation. More than anything, please look forward to what “big picture” Noh Go Jin, who took Lee Shin Ah ‘hostage,’ will have up his sleeve.”

Episode 8 of “Crazy Love” will air on March 29 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Kim Jae Wook in “Her Private Life” with subtitles below:

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