Watch: Lee Joon Gi, Kim Ji Eun, And Kim Jae Kyung Introduce “Again My Life” As Their Characters

The cast of “Again My Life” has introduced the drama and their roles in a unique way!

SBS’s “Again My Life” is a drama about a talented prosecutor who gets a second chance at justice after failing to bring down a powerful individual. Lee Joon Gi will star as Kim Hee Woo, a passionate prosecutor who was unjustly killed while investigating a corrupt politician, but who unexpectedly gets a second chance at life.

Kim Ji Eun will star in the drama as Kim Hee Ah, a genius chaebol heiress with firm convictions who teams up with Kim Hee Woo after he returns to 15 years before his death. Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung will play Kim Han Mi, whose status as a child born out of wedlock led her to spend her grade school years with a twisted view of the world.

In a new interview, Lee Joon Gi, Kim Ji Eun, and Kim Jae Kyung talk about “Again My Life” from the perspectives of their characters. Lee Joon Gi greets viewers and comments, “I’m Kim Hee Woo.” In line with his character’s sudden time travel, he confusedly comments, “I’m 30…I’m 20 years old. At the Central Prosecutor’s Office…no. I work part-time. I work part-time at a convenience store.”

After, he reveals that his goal is to meet Jo Tae Sub (Lee Kyung Young), a popular Assemblyman, and give him something. Kim Hee Woo explains, “I don’t know if I can say this, but I am going to get rid of him with my own hands, no matter what.”

As Kim Hee Ah, Kim Ji Eun comments that her being “righteous” is an exaggeration, but explains, “I cannot ignore people in need. And that’s how I met Hee Woo.” Regarding their relationship, she adds, “We met by chance, but it felt very good. We’re not super close but we’re currently working hard to grow closer.”

Kim Jae Kyung introduces herself as 20-year-old Kim Han Mi. When asked about living alone with her mother, Kim Han Mi nonchalantly responds, “Yes, well, let’s just pretend I don’t have a dad.” She’s known to hang out with troublemakers, but she comments, “They just look like troublemakers in other people’s eyes, but they’re all the same. They’re nice. Good students don’t hang out with me.”

When asked to describe Kim Hee Woo, Kim Han Mi replies, “Kim Hee Woo…the loser who works at the convenience store? He’s always getting beat up by other kids. Punching bag? But how can he suddenly be so good in school? The last time I saw, it looked like he was really good at fighting too.”

Check out the fun character interview with English subtitles below!

“Again My Life” premieres on April 8 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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