Lee Yo Won Is Less Than Excited To Run Into Kim Kyu Ri And Roy Choi In Upcoming Drama

JTBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Green Mothers’ Club” shared new stills of Lee Yo Won, Kim Kyu Ri, and Roy Choi!

“Green Mothers’ Club” is a new drama about the dangerous relationships between parents at a local elementary school—and the hidden dark side of this seemingly friendly community. Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja HyunJang Hye Jin, Kim Kyu Ri, and Joo Min Kyung will star as five very different mothers who belong to the same parents association at the school.

In the upcoming drama, Lee Eun Pyo (Lee Yo Won) will meet her ex-boyfriend Rui (Roy Choi) as Seo Jin Ha’s (Kim Kyu Ri’s) husband. After moving for her two sons’ education, Lee Eun Pyo will coincidentally reunite with her former friend Seo Jin Ha who appears to have everything from talent to wealth. From their school days, Lee Eun Pyo was always compared to Seo Jin Ha, making then rivals.

Unlike Lee Eun Pyo who only wants to keep her distance, Seo Jin Ha seems to act unaware of Lee Eun Pyo’s feelings towards her and enthusastically welcomes her to the neighborhood. However, as Lee Eun Pyo’s unruly son gets compared to Seo Jin Ha’s prodigy son, Lee Eun Pyo recalls her feelings of inferiority from the past.

Not to mention, Lee Eun Pyo’s ex-boyfriend Rui will appear as Seo Jin Ha’s husband, making their relationship flow in an unpredictable direction. Viewers are already curious to find out how Rui, who reliably supported Lee Eun Pyo during her studies abroad in France, ended up marrying her rival Seo Jin Ha.

The newly released stills capture the contrasting emotions between the two rivals. Lee Eun Pyo exudes youthful energy with a bright smile on her face, while Seo Jin Ha creates a tense atmosphere with her smile. The stills of Rui also raise the question of what role he will play in the two friends’ relationship. Furthermore, the previously released highlight teaser also made it appear as if Seo Jin Ha had stolen Lee Eun Pyo’s boyfriend, fueling the mystery behind their relationship even further.

“Green Mothers’ Club” will premiere on April 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Lee Yo Won in “Different Dreams“:

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And catch Kim Kyu Ri in “About Time” below:

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