3 Reasons To Tune In To The Final 2 Episodes Of “Forecasting Love And Weather”

“Forecasting Love and Weather” has almost reached its finale!

JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” is a romance drama about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Park Min Young stars as the frosty Jin Ha Kyung, who does everything by the book and is fastidious about keeping her personal and professional lives separate, while Song Kang stars as the free-spirited and determined Lee Si Woo, who boasts an impressive IQ of 150 but only cares about the weather.

As anticipation rises to see how the drama will end, here are three reasons why you won’t want to miss the final two episodes!

1. Park Min Young and Song Kang

Previously, Lee Si Woo was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to end his relationship with Jin Ha Kyung because of interference from his problematic father. Because he’s ultimately trying to look out for her, Jin Ha Kyung respects his wishes and the two part ways. Although they’ve officially returned to being senior and junior co-workers, the way that they look at each other proves they still have unresolved feelings. Since love is two different people meeting, going through ups and downs, and still becoming one, viewers can look forward to seeing what ending Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo’s romance will have.

2. Chief Forecasting Team 2

The Chief Forecasting Team 2 includes general weather forecaster Jin Ha Kyung, who draws a clear line between business and pleasure, special reporter Lee Si Woo, who stops at nothing if it has to do with the weather, and senior forecaster Um Dong Han (Lee Sung Wook), who ends up working under his junior Jin Ha Kyung. Also on the team is radar chief officer Oh Myung Joo (Yoon Sa Bong), who must juggle both work and parenting, neighborhood forecaster Shin Seok Ho (Moon Tae Yoo), who enjoys his solo lifestyle, and short-term forecaster Kim Soo Jin (Chae Seo Eun), who always worries over her future.

As this team has such diverse members, their teamwork frequently flew out the window. However, with every team meeting they held, they started to change. For the first time, the ladies of the team went for a meal to promote unity, and when their manager was absent, the team members worked together to back each other up. In episode 14, their tight teamwork was especially evident when they scolded another employee for making an out-of-line comment about Jin Ha Kyung’s office romance. As Soo Jin continues to ponder whether this work is right for her, the policy division suggests that she transfer departments. The final two episodes will show whether this team can maintain their teamwork until the end.

3. The incredible scenes and lines

Through its unique setting of the Korea Meteorological Administration, “Forecasting Love and Weather” uses weather to represent the unpredictability of our own lives, creating memorable scenes and lines in the process. The ending scene of episode 4 was especially notable, when it was revealed that Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo had actually already begun their office romance and were just hiding it from their co-workers (and viewers!).

Additionally, viewers saw how passionate Ha Kyung and Si Woo were able to love despite their differences, and the pain they went through as they unpacked past experiences, hurt one another, and ended up having to break up. This journey was explained through unfamiliar forecasting terminology such as local heavy rain, urban heat island, ozone advisory, discomfort index, dry monsoon, tropical night, and mobile high pressure, creating uniquely iconic lines. This is yet another reason why viewers can look forward to a highly entertaining and memorable finale.

The final episodes of “Forecasting Love and Weather” will air on April 2 and 3 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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