5 Reasons To Watch The Riveting Time Loop C-Drama

Reset” is a Chinese drama about a college student named Li Shi Qing (Zhao Jin Mai) who is trapped in a time loop after encountering a deadly bus explosion. Desperate to escape the loop, she accidentally brings a fellow bus passenger Xiao He Yun (Bai Jing Ting) into the same time loop. Both of them believe that they will be able to escape the loop if the bus arrives safely at its destination. However, this proves to be anything but easy.

One of the highest rated Chinese dramas of 2022, “Reset” is a thrilling and captivating sci-fi mystery drama that will have you at the edge of your seat and hooked from the very first scene. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss this drama!

Warning: minor spoilers on the drama below.

An intriguing plot

The intriguing premise of the drama is the main draw. “Reset” is actually the first time loop Chinese drama, so it’s great to see how they have employed this plot device so effectively in the story. It is engaging and exciting – there’s never a dull moment. Set against the backdrop of a bus accident, the drama reveals with each reset that there’s more to the accident than meets the eye. Shi Qing and He Yun soon realize that it’s not just a normal bus accident but that there’s actually a bomb in the bus. They race against time to figure out who the bombing suspect is.

Overall, the storyline is well-developed and fast-paced. Many time loop stories are too smart for their own good, and they end up confusing the audience instead. What “Reset” does right is that it gets straight to the action. There’s no time for convoluted time loop logic or rules in this drama. It may not be the most mind-bending drama, but it is absolutely riveting.

A whole lot of heart

In spite of all its big concepts like time loops and a crime mystery, “Reset” is rooted in its relatable human stories. As the two leads investigate the mystery behind the explosion, we also learn about the backstories of the other passengers on board the bus. From an ex-convict on his way to visit his son to an asthmatic anime lover with a secret, each of these stories adds depth to the overarching plot. The drama also touches on social issues such as victim blaming and cyberbullying. Not only will “Reset” keep you guessing, but it is also a drama that will make you think and feel.

Compelling main leads

Our female lead Li Shi Qing is a naive and kind college student who finds herself stuck in an unfathomable time loop. Armed with the bravado of a hopeful youth, she is not beaten down by the numerous failed attempts at stopping the explosion. Even though she is scared, she does not hesitate to do what she thinks is right. On the other hand, Xiao He Yun is a slightly timid and pragmatic game designer who becomes the reluctant hero of the story. His primary aim is to save and get himself out of the time loop, but he is soon stirred by Li Shi Qing’s compassion for the other passengers. Despite their differences, they are both likable and relatable characters that are easy for the audience to root for.

Solid acting by the entire cast

The acting in “Reset” is also nothing short of solid. The stellar cast effectively conveys the emotions of their characters. You can feel the desperation and hopelessness of the situation they’re in. The two leads are the ones that get most of the limelight, and rightfully so because they are both amazing in their roles. However, this is definitely an ensemble show. All the other actors from the passengers to the policemen give heartfelt performances that elevate the well-written story to another level.

The relationship between the leads

Even though the romance between the two leads is not the main point of the story, it is very moving to watch the gradual development of their relationship through their shared traumatic experience. Their contrasting personalities and beliefs are what initially cause conflicts – one’s emotional, and the other is pragmatic. But ultimately, it is the trust and reliance on each other that help them to overcome these obstacles and also bring out the best in each other.

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