2F’s Shin Yong Jae (Formerly Of 4Men) To Tie The Knot

2F’s Shin Yong Jae has announced his upcoming marriage!

On April 5, the singer took to his Instagram account so share the happy news. Read his statement below!

Hello, this is Shin Yong Jae.

I am greeting you for the first time in awhile since our end-of-year concert last year. Since then, there have been a lot of fans who were curious about how I was doing and I apologize for not updating you well.

I’ve come to write this statement because there is news I’d like to tell my fans who have always supported me.

This year, I will marry the person whom I will spend the rest of my life with.

I have a girlfriend who has generously given love to my lacking self for the past two years. This friend has been a [source of] bright energy to me, who has always been quiet and dark. That’s why for the first time, I thought that I needed to become a better person for this friend.

I think you must be surprised at this sudden news…But if you congratulate me, out of my grateful heart, I want to live happily with this friend forever.

While promoting as 4Men and 2F with Won Joo hyung, there have been many enjoyable memories and I think we received a lot of love. As I’ve always struggled to express myself, I don’t think I’ve been able to convey my thankful heart to you all, so I’m sorry. I sincerely thank the fans who have loved our music and supported us.

In the future too, I will try to show that I am diligently repaying [support from] fans with good music. Thank you for reading my long message!

Shin Yong Jae debuted as a third generation member of 4Men alongside Kim Won Joo and Kim Young Jae. In 2019, Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo part ways with their agency and formed the duo 2F.

Congratulations to Shin Yong Jae and his fiancée!

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