CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin Is Star Force Entertainment’s Dependable Legal Advisor In “Sh**ting Stars”

tvN’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Sh**ting Stars” has released more details about CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin’s character!

“Sh**ting Stars” is a romantic comedy about the people who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry cleaning up the messes created by the stars. The drama depicts the realistic story of people who stand behind the celebrities and shed blood, sweat, and tears to make them shine like stars in the sky.

Lee Sung Kyung will star as Oh Han Byul, the head of the PR team at an entertainment agency, while Kim Young Dae will play her nemesis, the A-list star Gong Tae Sung who is also a troublemaker.

In the drama, Lee Jung Shin plays Do Soo Hyuk, a legal advisor to Star Force Entertainment. He’s perfectly described by the words: young, rich, tall, and handsome. Not only is he good-looking with a tall physique that is highlighted by his sophisticated style, but he is also sharp and intelligent. He’s known for taking care of matters in a swift, accurate way. He doesn’t walk on eggshells around others, and he sticks to the basic 9 to 6 work schedule. At the same time, he’s nothing but dotingly sweet to his love interest Oh Han Byul.

The new stills depict Lee Jung Shin’s flawless transformation into Do Soo Hyuk. With his neat hair that’s gelled back with pomade and trendy yet mature outfits, he will show the sexy charms of a “man who is good at his job.”

Lee Jung Shin shared the efforts he made to portray this new role, saying, “I wanted to act so that the character Do Soo Hyuk naturally stood out rather than become a stereotyped character. While sticking to the script, I’m paying attention to his gaze and speech, and I’m trying to create different atmospheres when I talk to different characters. As for his appearance, rather than going with the invisible prejudice that a ‘lawyer equals suit,’ I mixed up suits and casual outfits.”

He continued, “It’s been a while since [I’ve been in a drama], and I’m greeting you through ‘Sh**ting Stars.’ The atmosphere on the drama set is amazing, so I hope that atmosphere permeates into the monitor. I hope it will be a fun drama that can bring laughter to the viewers, who must be tired of COVID-19. Please give lots of love to ‘Sh**ting Stars,’ and I hope you like Do Soo Hyuk, too.”

“Sh**ting Stars” will premiere on April 22 at 10:40 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

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