9 Poetic K-Pop Lyrics To Help You Confess Your Feelings

K-pop has introduced a plethora of love songs over the decades, from cute rhymes hinting subtle confessions, to deep narratives that make you feel the love as you listen to the song. While catchy choruses are usually the ones that get listeners’ attention first, there are many heartfelt lines that make up some of the greatest love songs in the K-pop scene.

While days like Valentine’s Day and White Day are great for confessing, you don’t need to wait for that once-a-year opportunity to pour your heart out. Here are nine poetic K-pop lyrics* to help you confess your feelings!

*Translated lyrics from Genius and Color Coded Lyrics.

1. Epik High feat. Yuna – “No Different”

Baby, you and me ain’t no different
We are one and the same, the two of us
We suffer the same condition, love (Oh-oh-oh), yeah
Baby, you and me ain’t no different
We were little insane but just enough
We suffer the same condition, love (Oh-oh-oh)

They say that opposites attract, and yet sometimes things in common is what brings a couple together. This beautiful duet by Tablo and Yuna shows a rather realistic perspective of what love is all about and what it takes to make a relationship work.

2. TWICE – “Alcohol-Free”

Yo, alcohol percentage is completely 0.0%
But I get lost whenever I drink
It doesn’t wear off even after sleep
But I actually quite like this feeling
Easy to the mouth and tummy
Like a drink made of honey
What’s the name of this drink, anyway?
Makes the whole world bright and sunny

This rap verse serves an epic lyrical cocktail that describes the essence of love and its effect on the mind and the body. TWICE has surely stepped up their storytelling with this fresh and enchanting rendition about being heart-eyed for someone.

3. JUS2 – “Focus On Me”

Under the dimmed lights
Our shadows dance together
It’s like its out of a movie
When we know each other’s feelings
We’re painting with the moonlight
It’s getting close to perfection

Jay B and Yugyeom make an excellent pair in music, and this beautiful excerpt from one of their songs vouches for it. The lyrics paint a romantic depiction of two people who are madly in love and only have eyes for one another.

4. JBJ95 – “Jasmin”

There’s something about her eyes
A mysterious feeling like the Milky Way
You’re like a rain shower, there’s no way for me to avoid it
You drench me, preventing me from coming to my sense

Another duo that is quite the romantic is JBJ95. Honestly, the entire song deserves to be featured. Its delicacy is unmatched when it comes to love confessions, and the snippet above bears witness.

5. Heize – “Happen”

If I hadn’t, in that moment gotten lost
If you hadn’t, on that day gone through a painful breakup
The path where I trailed behind you
And the flowers you left behind
With what precarious time we have
We waited for one another
To call it fate
Feels all too achievable
To call it a coincidence
Would need an explanation
Even with the possibility of another chance encounter
We end up returning to the time when it felt like now or never

Sometimes, love blossoms from heartache. Heize describes in length what it feels like to cross paths with someone in a fateful way, while highlighting all the hiccups that led to that serendipitous encounter.

6. EXO – “For Life”

Every night and every day
No matter what may come our way
We’re in this thing together
The dark turns to light
We both come alive, tonight
I’m talking bout forever

Leave it to EXO to sing about finally finding the one who will always be there no matter what. This lyrical confession is more specific than the previously mentioned ones, and it could be perfect for a friends-turned-lovers situation.

7. BTS – “Boy With Luv”

From the moment I met you, ya, my life was all you, ya
You’re the star that turns ordinaries into extraordinaries, oh yeah
One after another ay, ay, everything is special ay, ay
The things you’re interested in, the way you walk or talk, and every little trivial habit of yours

This entire song is a mood, encapsulating all the mushy things one can say when trying to win someone’s heart. BTS takes it up a notch in this verse and poetically narrates the effect of that special person on one’s life.

8. Park Ji Hoon – “L.O.V.E.”

I’ll go close and knock
You can answer me anytime you want
The scent of a flower
Fills my body
Even when I close my eyes for a moment
I can’t ever forget you
Our memories
You’re in every breath I take, up all night
How can I forget the first time we met?
As we hold hands even tighter
I wanna feel you, andante
Can’t express with words
The drama we wrote together

Park Ji Hoon is a maestro when it comes to conveying feelings in such a heartwarming manner. It only takes one listen or read the verse above to channel the feel-good emotion that is love and embrace it as one’s own.

9. BLACKPINK – “As If It’s Your Last”

Who are you to make me keep thinking of you?
My pride is bruised, I’m burning up
My face is hot, my heart keeps racing
I can’t control my body, I’m getting dizzy
You’re like a fistful of sand
It’s like I can hold you, but I can’t
You’re not easy, that’s why I want you more
I can’t control my heart, it’s ridiculous

BLACKPINK has more heartbreak songs than actual love songs, but this one may have slipped past these lovesick ladies. Fighting one’s feelings before succumbing to the truth and accepting them makes quite the statement when it’s time to reveal one’s lingering feelings.

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