ASTRO’s MJ Tearfully Announces Military Enlistment Date

ASTRO’s MJ has announced his plans to enlist in the military next month.

On April 9, ASTRO held a fan meeting to celebrate the sixth anniversary of their debut at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul. During the event, MJ gave an emotional speech in which he announced to his fans directly that he would be enlisting in the military exactly one month later, on May 9.

MJ tearfully revealed, “I will be enlisting in the military on May 9. I’m so sorry that I have to deliver this kind of news today, when we’re finally meeting in person for the first time in a long while. But because of that, today is so precious for me, and I think it will be the day that I remember most.”

“I was so happy to meet AROHA [ASTRO’s fans] for the first time in a long while, and I will return as a cooler and more mature version of myself,” he continued. “So please enjoy our fan meeting up until the very end today, and please take good care of my fellow ASTRO members. Thank you, everyone.”

After MJ personally announced the news of his enlistment at the fan meeting, Fantagio released the following official statement:

Hello. This is Fantagio.

We would like to thank AROHA, who always give ASTRO their unsparing love, as we make this announcement regarding our artist ASTRO’s MJ’s military enlistment.

MJ will be enlisting on May 9 at a military training center, where he will receive basic training, after which he fulfill his military duty as a member of the military band.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the time and place of MJ’s enlistment will not be made public, and he will be enlisting without any special [public] measures, so we ask for fans’ generous understanding in this regard.

We ask that you give your unsparing support to ASTRO’s MJ, who will return in good health after diligently fulfilling his military duty.

Thank you.

Wishing MJ all the best during his upcoming service!

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