9 Unique And Cool Careers In K-Dramas We Wish We Could Have

One of the cool parts about watching K-dramas is seeing the fascinating world of various workplaces. As an avid K-drama fan, we learn more and more about different jobs and careers, seeing the ins and outs of what is required in certain industries. It is also interesting to see the work culture and societal norms when it comes to working in South Korea. There are obviously plenty, but here are nine unique careers in K-dramas that are so cool that we might not mind having.

1. Food researcher in “A Business Proposal”

Starring Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo and Kim Sejeong as Shin Ha Ri, “A Business Proposal” is set in a food company named GO Food. Shin Ha Ri works as a food researcher for the food development team, discovering various recipes to use for products that GO Food will be selling. Being always surrounded by food and trying out different recipes would be a great job to have – sign me up!

2. Set designer in “30 But 17

“30 But 17” stars Yang Se Jong as Gong Yoo Jin and Shin Hye Sun as Woo Seo Ri. Yang Se Jong plays a 30-year-old who experienced a traumatizing event when he was 17, which causes him to shut himself off from the world. Gong Yoo Jin has a job that suits his introverted personality, and he does not have to interact with many people. He is a multimedia set designer and is responsible for handcrafting various models of sets. He builds the models to scale and gets to design everything including color schemes and arrangement. It seems very therapeutic and a unique job that many would be interested in!

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3. Woodworker in “Discovery of Love

Jung Yu Mi and Eric star in “Discovery of Love” as a couple who has been dating for over five years. They are each other’s first love and are faced with very relatable obstacles that a long-term couple may face. Jung Yu Mi’s character Han Ye Reum has a job that many find very intriguing as she designs and makes one-of-a-kind furniture. The wood and various materials she uses are all handpicked and unique to each item. Seeing her work away at this particular job really makes you want to pick up the craft!

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4. Sound director in “Another Oh Hae Young

Another Eric drama added to this list is his 2016 romantic series “Another Oh Hae Young.” He stars alongside Seo Hyun Jin as a sound director. What’s so fascinating about this particular job is what goes on behind the scenes when he’s enhancing or creating sounds for commercials, movies, and shows. Seeing the intricate details and his crew of sound engineers trying to produce such accurate and compelling sounds is so inspiring to see!

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5. K-drama writer in “Melo Is My Nature

In “Melo Is My Nature,” Im Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee) is trying to achieve her dream of becoming a K-drama writer. Jin Joo quits her job of working for a company and instead decides to try and sell the script she has been working on. Luckily, a popular director picks it up, and the two work together to make it become a reality. If you’re in love with K-dramaland as much as the next person, being a K-drama writer would be off-the-charts fun. Having the fate of the OTP in your hands and getting to put in all of your favorite tropes would be a dream come true!

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6. Video game music producer in “Search: WWW

“Search: WWW” is a noona romance drama starring Im Soo Jung as Bae Ta Mi and Jang Ki Yong as Park Mo Gun. The two meet by chance one night, and Mo Gun plays Ta Mi one of the songs that he composed. Mo Gun is a genius composer who is also the CEO of a company that writes music for video games. We get to see Mo Gun go through the process of making music from scratch and seeing where he adds particular music within the games. It’s appealing to see this type of unique job!

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7. Movie subtitle translator in “Run On”

Im Si Wan stars as Ki Sun Kyum, a former track runner who has decided to retire from the sport. He meets and falls in love with Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung), a free-spirited and hard working subtitle translator for foreign films. The pride in which Mi Joo has for the work that she does is so inspiring to see. It also shows how much time and effort is required in order to make sure the subtitles she produces are accurate and done quickly. It’s a world that not many people consider on the regular, so it is fascinating to see it in this drama!

8. Cosmetic brand marketer in “She Would Never Know”

Won Jin Ah and SF9‘s Rowoon star in “She Would Never Know,” a drama about two office workers who fall in love. They both work on the marketing team for a cosmetics brand. A lot of what they do involves going to various department stores and trying out new makeup products. This is a job that any makeup lover could only dream of having. And having Rowoon on your team would definitely be an added bonus!

9. Game developer in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) is the CEO of a video gaming company called Ainsoft. He meets and hires Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) as his bodyguard. Do Bong Soon has a lifelong dream of becoming a game developer. She has a lot of ideas and longs for them to come into fruition. Her big chance comes when she meets Min Hyuk. Viewers are able to see Do Bong Soon design her game characters, which is a very cool aspect to her character and the series!

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Hey Soompiers, which of these unique jobs would you want? Let me know in the comments below!

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