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Queendom 2” has begun its iconic cover battle round!

On the April 14 episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2,” the six teams kicked off Round 2, a cover battle. Last week, it was confirmed that the song swaps would be between Hyolyn and LOONA, WJSN and VIVIZ, and Brave Girls and Kep1er.

Since she took first place overall for Round 1, Hyolyn was awarded the chance to choose the setlist order for the upcoming round. Hyolyn put WJSN in first, LOONA in second, Brave Girls in third, VIVIZ in fourth, and Kep1er in fifth. Saving herself for the last performance, she explained, “As the senior, I think it’ll be good if I impressively do the finale.”

After a disappointing Round 1 performance, WJSN expressed their determination to redeem themselves. Regarding their broken prop from the last round, SeolA commented, “We have to think about all possible scenarios and then practice.” She continued, “Our performance from the last round was one we were not satisfied with. We thought that we needed to do better.”

During their practice, WJSN’s Starship Entertainment labelmates MONSTA X came by with snacks. Joohoney told the group, “When I heard about your ‘Queendom 2’ appearance, I thought that what WJSN has shown so far was not enough. Since you guys have that much skill, I hope you do well.”

Check out WJSN’s cover of GFRIEND’s “Navillera” here!

The second performers were LOONA, who visited Hyolyn ahead of their performance. When Hyolyn asked about the group sitting out of the first round, Haseul confessed, “Since we couldn’t do round one, it was honestly impossible for our thoughts not to waver.”

Heejin added, “Like some kind of jinx, whenever we start promoting after awhile, a lot of stuff happens, like a pandemic breaking out or our promotions being halted after a week.”

Watch LOONA’s lively performance of SISTAR’s “Shake It” here:

The final performance of the episode was by Brave Girls, who expressed disappointment after ranking in the bottom two after Round 1.

When deciding on which Kep1er song to cover, Brave Girls revealed that this was the group they wanted to avoid most, because the group’s identity was so clear. However, Eunji cheered up the group as she added, “On the other hand, it won’t be bad to try out something new.”

Despite their optimism, the group found themselves in a difficult position once their members started testing positive for COVID-19. When they were released from quarantine, they would only have six to seven days to prepare.

Once they were finally being able to reunite after practicing alone in quarantine, Brave Girls continued to experience obstacles. Minyoung encouraged them, “Compared to last year, isn’t this not hard at all?” Eunji added, “When I think about before we went viral and were packing up our dorm while thinking of our disbandment, I don’t think this is hard at all.”

Minyoung shared, “Even if we wanted to stand on stage in the past, there were no opportunities. There are a lot of girl groups but there aren’t a lot that can appear on ‘Queendom 2.’ We think this opportunity is really precious and we’re trying to do our best.”

Check out Brave Girls’ spin on Kep1er’s “MVSK” here!

The three remaining Round 2 performances will air next week!

“Queendom 2” airs on Thursdays at 9:20 p.m. KST and is available for live global streaming on Mnet’s YouTube channel.

Watch last week’s episode here!

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