Lee Joon Gi And Shin Se Kyung In Talks To Lead 2nd Season Of “Arthdal Chronicles”

Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung may replace Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won in the highly-anticipated second season of “Arthdal Chronicles”!

“Arthdal Chronicles” is an epic fantasy drama about heroes who make their own legends in the mythical land of Arth. In February of this year, production company Studio Dragon officially announced that season two is aiming to start production this year.

On April 20, industry representatives reported that Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung will be starring as the leads of the second season of “Arthdal Chronicles.” In the first season, Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won played the main characters Eun Seom and Tan Ya, respectively.

In response to the reports, Lee Joon Ki’s agency Namoo Actors stated, “‘Arthdal Chronicles 2’ is one of the projects he’s reviewing.” A representative of Shin Se Kyung’s agency EDAM Entertainment also commented, “Shin Se Kyung received an offer to star in the second season and is reviewing it. It hasn’t been confirmed whether she will appear in it or not.”

Season two will depict the story of what happens in Arth more than a decade later. The production team has been carefully thinking about who can portray the adult versions of Eun Seom, a member of the Wahan tribe who was born from a human mother and a Neanderthal, and Tan Ya, the successor to the Wahan clan. Therefore, they made the offer to Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung. Both actors have an impressive filmography and a wide acting spectrum.

Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, who wrote the first season, will be in charge of the script, while Kim Kwang Sik, the director of the movie “The Great Battle,” will be in charge of directing.

“Arthdal Chronicles” season two will be produced with the aim of broadcasting in 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates on the drama!

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