“Kill Heel” Stars Say Goodbye + Tease What Viewers Can Look Forward To In Tonight’s Finale

The leading ladies of tvN’s “Kill Heel” have shared their thoughts ahead of the drama’s finale!

“Kill Heel” is a drama about the fierce battles waged by three ambitious women in the competitive world of home shopping networks. Kim Ha Neul stars as show host Woo Hyun, who strives to escape her stagnant life by becoming the top host at UNI Home Shopping, while Lee Hye Young stars as UNI Home Shopping executive Mo Ran, who climbed from humble beginnings to reach the top. Kim Sung Ryung stars as the elegant Ok Sun, a top show host married to a famous politician who seems to have the perfect life.

With just one episode left in the drama’s run, Kim Ha Neul named two big questions that needed answering in the series finale: “Will Woo Hyun, Mo Ran, and Ok Sun’s ambitions come to fruition?” and “In the end, who will get to wear the ‘kill heels’ and step up to the top?”

The actress continued, “I hope you’ll keep a close eye on the relationships between these women, who will keep you in suspense up until the very end.”

Kim Ha Neul also went on to tease, “I spent a lot of time pondering with the writer and director how to properly capture the ending [of the drama]. It’ll be an ending that reveals Woo Hyun’s choices and decisions, so please look forward to it, whatever it may be.”

Looking back on her experience filming the drama, Kim Ha Neul mused, “On the filming set and within the character of Woo Hyun, I think I really kept going full speed ahead without a moment’s rest. It was a new and unfamiliar character for me, but that made the role even cooler and more sorrowful for me as well. I sincerely thank everyone who loved and rooted for our drama and Woo Hyun.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hye Young remarked, “I hope that you’ll look forward to seeing where our sharp and meticulous writer sends Mo Ran, as well as the private details of her inner story.”

Emphasizing her character’s tumultuous relationships with the other leads, she continued, “Ok Sun, whom [Mo Ran] loved even more than she loved herself, but whom she had no choice but to deceive for a long time. Woo Hyun, whom she used without hesitation, but whom she cast aside out of jealousy. Please keep an eye on whether Mo Ran’s paradoxical nature can be resolved—and whether these three women can be remembered as three beautiful musketeers.”

Lee Hye Young also confessed that before filming began, she’d been afraid of whether she’d be able to pull off her role. However, she went on to share, “On the first day of filming, the moment that the cameras started rolling, I began moving forward without any doubt. I did my best, so I couldn’t wish for more, and I’m not ashamed [of my own performance]. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering on my efforts with love. I was happy during these past few weeks that I lived as Mo Ran. Once again, thank you for tuning in at such a late hour.”

Finally, when asked to name what viewers should keep an eye on in the series finale, Kim Sung Ryung chose her character’s son Jung Hyun. “The moment that the story surrounding Jung Hyun begins to unravel, a storm will rage,” teased the actress.

Kim Sung Ryung went on to express her gratitude to viewers as she reflected on the drama and its message.

“Thank you for giving Ok Sun and ‘Kill Heel’ such a warm response,” she said. “[‘Kill Heel’] is a drama that tells the story of how hidden truths and emotions can give rise to catastrophe—and how that can even cause you to lose the people you love so dearly. Please give us lots of interest and encouragement up until the end.”

The final episode of “Kill Heel” will air on April 21 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up on the previous episodes of the drama with subtitles below!

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