Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, fromis_9's Jang Gyuri, And More Confirmed For New SBS Drama About Cheering Squad

Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, fromis_9’s Jang Gyuri, Lee Eun Saem, and Yang Dong Geun will be starring in SBS’s upcoming drama “Cheer Up” (literal title)!

“Cheer Up” is a campus mystery rom-com about the passionate story of youth who gather together at a college cheering squad that is falling into ruins after leaving behind its glorious past days. The drama will be helmed by director Han Tae Seob who co-produced “Stove League” and written by scriptwriter Cha Hae Won of “VIP.”

Han Ji Hyun will be playing the role of Do Hae Yi, a rookie member of the cheering squad Theia of Yeonhee University. With her gorgeous looks and her simple and cheerful personality, Do Hae Yi is a freshman who entered the theology department in 2019. Due to difficult circumstances at home, she focuses all her attention on money. Do Hae Yi also joins the cheering squad for money, but she learns of romance and love, which she considers to be a luxury, along the way. Viewers are looking forward to Han Ji Hyun’s upcoming transformation following her role as Joo Seok Kyung in “The Penthouse.”

Bae In Hyuk will be taking on the role of Park Jung Woo, the captain of Theia. Park Jung Woo always puts rules and principles foremost and is misunderstood to be a condescending person, but he is a pure and romantic character with an upright heart. Leaving behind preparations for his state exams, he takes charge of the cheering squad that is in danger of disbanding. When the squad faces various issues, Park Jung Woo finds another thing he wants to protect in addition to the team.

Kim Hyun Jin will be starring as Theia’s new member Jin Sun Ho. Young, rich, tall, and handsome, Jin Sung Ho is a medical student who has only taken the elite course in life. Having only experiencing quick and non-serious relationships in which he doesn’t care about who comes and leaves, he learns of new emotions after meeting Do Hae Yi.

Jang Gyuri will be playing Theia’s vice-captain Tae Cho Hee. She’s a cool and feisty character who is popular with both men and women. Tae Cho Hee works to balance out Park Jung Woo with her advice as a result-oriented person.

Rising star Lee Eun Saem of “All of Us Are Dead” will be taking on the role of Theia’s new member and Do Hae Yi’s close friend Joo Sun Ja. With her easygoing personality and many talents, Joo Sun Ja is a popular figure who receives attention anywhere she goes. She’s also the type of person who easily falls in love with any good looking face.

Yang Dong Geun will be playing the role of Bae Young Woong, a past squad member who entered university in 2002. He’s regarded as a strange figure since he appears and disappears at various locations on campus, but he’s actually a successful businessman who mentally and monetarily supports the cheering squad. Although a long time has passed since he graduated, he runs a pub called Cheers near the school.

The production team shared, “We are happy and excited for the gathering of Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, Jang Gyuri, Lee Eun Saem, and Yang Dong Geun who have extraordinary acting skills and unique charms. Please look very forward to the campus mystery rom-com that will take aim at viewers’ hearts in the second half of 2022.”

“Cheer Up” will premiere in the second half of 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the drama!

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