Hong Eun Hee Turns Into Im Soo Hyang’s Hip And Lively Mother In “Woori The Virgin”

SBS has shared the first look at Hong Eun Hee in the upcoming “Jane the Virgin” remake!

“Woori the Virgin” is a Korean remake of the American rom-com “Jane the Virgin,” which is based on a Venezuelan telenovela. The drama is about a woman named Oh Woo Ri (Im Soo Hyang), who is strictly maintaining her chastity before marriage, but ends up pregnant after an accident occurs during a medical exam.

Hong Eun Hee plays Oh Eun Ran, who is Oh Woo Ri’s mother. She is a singing a class instructor who has been auditioning to become a singer for ten years. Oh Eun Ran has dreamed of becoming a singer ever since she was little, but she had to give up her dreams after getting pregnant at a young age. After Oh Woo Ri becomes an adult, Oh Eun Ran tries to become a singer again. It will be intriguing to see Hong Eun Hee and Im Soo Hyang’s mother-daughter chemistry.

Oh April 21, SBS released the first photos of Hong Eun Hee as Oh Eun Ran. Due to her beauty, it’s hard to believe she has a full grown daughter. She exudes elegant and haughty charms with her colorful style, piquing curiosity about her unique personality.

In one still, Oh Eun Ran is deep in thought with a serious look on face, signaling that an unexpected event has occurred. Her gaze is filled with complex emotions, and there’s subtle tension in the air. Hong Eun Hee will portray Oh Eun Ran’s life as she struggles to achieve her dreams that stems from maternal love.

The producers of “Woori the Virgin” shared, “Actress Hong Eun Hee perfectly expressed Oh Eun Ran’s turbulent life with her wide spectrum acting skills. In particular, she will portray Oh Eun Ran as both a mother and an aspiring singer with her delicate emotional acting, which will cause many female viewers to sympathize with her. We hope you can see Hong Eun Hee’s wonderful acting skills that will lead the drama in the beginning.”

“Woori the Virgin” will premiere on May 9 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

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