Watch: Seo Ji Hye And Yoon Kye Sang’s Surprise Kiss Leads To A Shocking Revelation In “Kiss Sixth Sense”

“Kiss Sixth Sense” has unveiled an exciting new “kiss” version trailer!

The Disney+ original drama “Kiss Sixth Sense” was originally a web novel before being adapted into a webtoon. It is about a woman named Hong Ye Sul (Seo Ji Hye) who can see the future when she kisses someone. One day, she accidentally kisses her boss Cha Min Hoo (Yoon Kye Sang) and sees them in bed together in the future.

The new “kiss” trailer gives a closer look at Ye Sul’s peculiar ability to see into the future. As she sips a cup of coffee and looks out her office lobby window at the clear sky, Ye Sul throws off her co-worker Um Ji (Hwang Bo Ra) as she randomly asks, “Isn’t the lobby so nice on rainy days?” At that exact moment, it starts to pour, shocking Um Ji who asks, “What? How did you know that?”

Ye Sul shares, “No one will believe me, but when my lips touch the body of someone else, I can really see the future.” At work, Ye Sul starts crossing paths with her boss Cha Min Hoo, who coldly comments on her performance, “If you can’t get a hang of that, just drop it.” Due to his crabby personality, she immediately decides not to get tangled with him.

However, a dramatic incident leads to the two locking lips and the future that Hong Ye Sul sees as a result gives her a huge shock. As she thinks about the vision of them in bed together, she comments, “I’ve seen a future that can’t ever come true. In the future…what am I doing with Cha Min Hoo?!”

The producers of “Kiss Sixth Sense” commented, “The relationship between Ye Sul, who has a super power of seeing the future when she kisses someone, and her boss Min Hoo, whom she used to hate to death, will slowly start to change. Please look forward to this special romance that will awaken viewers’ senses as you find out whether the coincidental vision of their future will really come true.”

“Kiss Sixth Sense” premieres on May 25.

In the meantime, catch Yoon Kye Sang in “The Outlaws” here!

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