Update: Influencer C_NEMATIC Clarifies Rumor And Apologizes To EXO's Chanyeol For Causing Harm

Updated April 28 KST:

On April 28, the influencer who first mentioned an unnamed rude idol on a variety program published a post on Instagram clarifying the rumors and apologizing for the harm the story has caused. She wrote:

I think many people experienced a confusing situation, so I want to first apologize. I am posting this explanation to at least resolve the misunderstanding slightly.

First, I have never mentioned [the idol’s] real name in private of public places, and even if the culprit is found out, I have no intentions of revealing [the name] in the future.

On YouTube, I made the video based on what I saw and felt from my perspective on who the figure within the video could be. However, the speculative comments posted after watching the video and the story I mentioned on broadcast of being threatened while driving started to become the topic for provocative articles, and the twisted rumor became known as the revealed truth, so I think that is also regrettable.

I also was a victim of the dangerously driving vehicle, but I want to use this space to apologize to the person who suffered damage through speculative comments. I do not want to cause harm to another [person] from baseless speculations again, so I will delete the video and all related posts from my feed.

Once again, I want to apologize to the people who experienced discomfort through the misunderstanding, and I will work harder to communicate more sincerely in the future.

Thank you for reading this long post.

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Original Article:

On April 27, SM Entertainment denied rumors that EXO’s Chanyeol acted rudely towards a female influencer.

Earlier on April 26, Channel S’s “Real Granny” featured a female biker and YouTuber who revealed that she was threatened by a famous idol while driving. She shared, “One time, I was driving a small scooter on the way to work, and a foreign car was intentionally driving in a threatening manner. I sensed danger, so I avoided the car, [but the driver] suddenly made a rude gesture with his finger.”

She continued, “I chased after the driver, and I approached the foreign car that was on standby at a traffic light to knock on the window and ask, ‘Why did you curse at me?’ When I did that, the driver pushed down his hood and only continued to curse at me with his finger. However, I realized he was a very famous idol.”

When rumors surfaced online that stated that Chanyeol was the idol mentioned, a source from SM Entertainment clarified, “The figure within the relevant video is not Chanyeol.” They continued, “The vehicle is completely different from the car owned by Chanyeol. We will take strong legal action against the spread of false information.”

Chanyeol enlisted in the military as an active duty soldier in March 2021.

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