Watch: VERIVERY Covers EXO, BTS, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Super Junior, And T-ara On “Weekly Idol”

VERIVERY showed off their many talents on the latest episode of “Weekly Idol”!

The group appeared as guests on the April 27 episode of the MBC every1 variety show, where they performed their new title track “Undercover” and played fun games with MCs Kwanghee and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

For the program’s “Weekly Playlist” segment, VERIVERY—who is best-known for their dancing and impressive synchronization—chose to show off their vocals instead with a cover of EXO’s beloved 2013 B-side “3.6.5.”

Explaining why they had chosen to sing “3.6.5,” Yeonho shared, “When we’re warming up before practice, there are some songs we listen to in order to hype ourselves up… and one of them is ‘3.6.5.’ It’s an upbeat song that can show off our bubbly, refreshing side, which is why we prepared [this cover of] ‘3.6.5.’”

Later on in the episode, VERIVERY took on the signature “Weekly Idol” random play dance challenge. In addition to their own songs, the show randomly ambushed them with hit songs by other artists, including BTS’s “ON” and SHINee’s “View”—and the unprepared VERIVERY members amusingly responded with varying levels of success.

At another point in the show, the group fulfilled various fan requests, and one particularly popular request was for the members to cover Girls’ Generation’s “Kissing You.”

Referring to VERIVERY’s recent dance cover of Park Ji Yoon’s iconic hit “Coming-of-Age Ceremony,” which they performed at a fan meeting in January, host Kwanghee remarked, “I heard that you chose to perform ‘Coming-of-Age Ceremony’ over ‘Kissing You’ at your recent fan meeting.” Dongheon explained, “We discussed it amongst ourselves, and Kangmin had just become a legal adult, so we decided to go with ‘Coming-of-Age Ceremony.'” Kangmin also joked, “I guess we shouldn’t have mentioned [that ‘Kissing You’ was an option].”

However, the VERIVERY members still made their fans’ wishes come true by performing a brief dance cover of “Kissing You”—complete with huge lollipops.

Later on, Gyehyeon was shocked by a fan request mentioning his past performance of Super Junior D&E’s “Oppa, Oppa” from back when he was still in middle school. Gyehyeon explained to the MCs, “When I was in middle school, there was a festival, and our whole class performed together. I taught the entire ‘Oppa, Oppa’ dance to my classmates.”

In keeping with the fan’s request, Gyehyeon donned a purple track jacket and danced to the song together with host Eunhyuk on the spot. After their impromptu performance, Eunhyuk praised Gyehyeon’s dancing and suggested they could form a new duo, telling him, “I’ll call you next time I perform at an event. We need to book some events together.”

Dongheon was also caught off guard by another fan request, which Eunhyuk revealed was the No. 1 most-requested wish submitted for an individual member: a dance cover of T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep.”

After the “Weekly Idol” staff provided him with the kitty headband and gloves required to make the cover complete, Dongheon exclaimed in embarrassment, “The [MCs] are too close to me!” Jokingly adding to the pressure of the situation, Eunhyuk teasingly replied, “I’m going to keep a close eye on him to see how he does.”

However, despite initially getting shy, Dongheon valiantly overcame his embarrassment to put on an adorable dance cover for his fans.

You can also check out VERIVERY’s performance of their new song “Undercover” below!

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