Nana Confirmed To Join Go Hyun Jung In New Webtoon-Based Drama

Nana will be joining Go Hyun Jung in the upcoming drama “Mask Girl” (literal title)!

“Mask Girl” is based on the webtoon of the same name which gained great popularity for its unique characters and refreshing plot. The drama will be about an ordinary employee named Kim Mo Mi who is insecure about her looks. Every night, Kim Mo Mi is active as an internet broadcasting jockey (BJ) who works while covering her face with a mask. “Mask Girl” depicts Kim Mo Mi’s turbulent life story that unfolds when she unintentionally gets swept up in an incident.

Previously, it was confirmed that Go Hyun Jung, Ahn Jae Hong, and Yeom Hye Ran will be starring in the series. Go Hyun Jung will be playing the leading role of Kim Mo Mi. Ahn Jae Hong will be playing Kim Mo Mi’s coworker Joo Oh Nam who harbors a one-sided crush on her, and Yeom Hye Ran will be taking on the role of Joo Oh Nam’s mom Kim Kyung Ja.

Nana will also be starring as Kim Mo Mi. She will play the Kim Mo Mi who has changed her appearance beyond recognition after being involved in an unexpected incident, and Go Hyun Jung will play the Kim Mo Mi who races towards another goal after some time. The two actresses will present the same role with different styles, creating an intriguing character.

In addition, a rookie female actress will take on the role of Kim Mo Mi, who works as a BJ by hiding her face due to inferiority complex, in the beginning of the story. Expectations are high for Kim Mo Mi, who will be expressed by three very different actresses, and her unpredictable, tense story.

“Mask Girl” will be helmed and written by director Kim Yong Hoon, who won the Tiger Competition special jury award at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam for his crime thriller “Beasts Clawing at Straws.” The series will be produced by Bon Factory of “True Beauty,” “Encounter,” “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” “Master’s Sun,” and more.

The series will be released via Netflix.

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