Lee Yo Won And Chu Ja Hyun Experience A Crisis During Their Healing Trip In “Green Mothers’ Club”

JTBC’s “Green Mothers’ Club” has shared a preview of Lee Yo Won and Chu Ja Hyun’s camping trip!

“Green Mothers’ Club” is a drama about the dangerous relationships between parents at a local elementary school—and the hidden dark side of a seemingly friendly community. Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Jang Hye JinKim Kyu Ri, and Joo Min Kyung star as five very different mothers who belong to the same parents association at the school.


Previously on “Green Mothers’ Club,” Lee Eun Pyo (Lee Yo Won) and Byun Choon Hee (Chu Ja Hyun) were heartbroken due to their children exhibiting unusual behavior. Towards the end of the episode, the two mothers met at the hospital, adding both lonely and bitter feelings in the air.

Lee Eun Pyo and Byun Choon Hee have been consistently clashing due to various conflicts, including the death of Seo Jin Ha (Kim Kyu Ri) and the fact that Lee Eun Pyo’s son Dong Seok is actually a child prodigy.

With curiosity piquing about what changes the two mothers will go through after finding out they’re having trouble with a similar problem, the drama released stills showing them going on a camping trip. Lee Eun Pyo, Byun Choon Hee, and their children are displaying cheerful smiles on their faces. In particular, the two women share a bonding moment in front of a bonfire, and the mood is gentle and warm as they softly smile without any resentment in the way.

However, things take a drastic turn when something happens that cause Lee Eun Pyo and Byun Choon Hee to go pale with worry. Byun Choon Hee looks completely lost, while Lee Eun Pyo is frantically looking around. Will these two mothers be able to mend their relationship for good?

Episode 12 of “Green Mothers’ Club” will air on May 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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