Don Spike To Get Married This June

Singer, composer, and entertainer Don Spike has announced his upcoming marriage!

On May 13, Don Spike shared a photo on Instagram of his wedding invitation to announce his happy news. Read his full post below!

Hello, this is Kim Min Soo who is currently promoting under the stage name Don Spike.

Since I have poor handwriting, a handwritten letter is difficult. ^^

I’ve met a beautiful woman who understands my lacking self and helps lead me to become a better person.

Therefore, for the remainder of our lives, we will live as one instead of two while depending on each other.

We’ve set up a space to become one this coming June with our acquaintances and close friends.

The person who will become my wife is a non-celebrity who diligently does her work. Excessive interest might put pressure on my wife so when the opportunity arises later, she will naturally introduce herself then. Please bless our future.

Thank you. -New Groom Kim Min Soo-

At the end of his post, Don Spike excitedly added in English, “I’m getting married!!!!!!!!!”

Last January, Don Spike revealed that he was in a relationship when he shared the sweet caption, “50-day anniversary. It feels like I’ve become 18 years old. Every moment feels like a gift from heaven. I thank god for letting me meet this woman.” Their marriage comes after about a year and a half of dating.

Don Spike and his fiancée will hold their wedding on June 4. Congratulations to the couple!

Check out his variety show “The More You Eat with Don Spike” below!

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