11 K-Pop Songs With Whisper Sections So Good They’re Basically ASMR

There are lots of ways to make a song stand out from rhythmic raps to super stellar vocals. However, there’s something about a whisper section that’s just so pleasing to listen to, and a good one really makes the rest of the song pop. Don’t believe us? Give these 11 tracks a listen!

1. NCT U – “Baby Don’t Stop”

It’s definitely one of NCT’s most standout songs in terms of choreography, and members Taeyong and Ten slay every performance. However, it’s not just that aspect that makes this song amazing – the intermittent whispers and soft vocals give this track a super sultry vibe that’s hard to pull off for anyone but these two.

2. TWICE – “Scandal”

This song is a bit of a departure from TWICE’s normal vibe, but it’s one of the group’s most popular B-side tracks for a reason! The whisper section at the beginning of the track definitely captures the listener’s attention right away, and the one in the middle just seals the deal. It’s such a good listen!

3. ATEEZ – “The Leaders”

For such an energetic track, you might think that there’s no place for a whisper section. However, ATEEZ proves that a whisper section not only changes the level of a song immediately, but it also serves to make the rest of the song that much more intense! Seriously, you might get goosebumps.

4. Dreamcatcher – “BEcause”

This one is more of a soft-spoken, whisper-singing style, but trust me – it does not disappoint in terms of ASMR content. The contrast between the soft vocals, hardcore rap section, and delicate whisper really marks this track as a standout even in Dreamcatcher’s unique-sounding discography.


“THRILL RIDE” is much brighter and more upbeat than most title tracks from THE BOYZ, but they pull it off so well. The light energy of this song means that rapper Sunwoo’s whispers are that much more amplified, and they fit so perfectly with maknae Eric’s smooth voice that it makes you kind of wish there was more!

6. Red Velvet – “Somethin Kinda Crazy”

This song should actually qualify as ASMR because the whisper section is just so good! Plus, this song is so calm and soothing that it totally has ASMR vibes. This is just a short piece of the track from the recent Red Velvet archive project, but the original is just as good and provides even more relaxation.

7. SEVENTEEN – “Fear”

This is definitely one of SEVENTEEN’s darker concepts, and they really rock it. The soft, almost angelic vocals from Jeonghan and Joshua contrast beautifully with the rest of the track, and the best part is that they’re backed with a whisper section so good they might give you goosebumps.

8. GWSN – “I Can’t Breathe”

This entire song has a soft, whispery vibe to it, and if you listen closely you can hear that most of the vocals are backed by the softest, barely-there whisper that makes the members’ voices stand out that much more. You might be tempted to turn up the volume, but be warned – there are some powerful vocals on this track too!

9. TXT – “New Rules”

Another track that should probably fall under bona-fide ASMR, both the beginning and end of “New Rules” have a complex layered section of whispers and light-as-air vocals that make this song an instant winner. Don’t be fooled though – this track still has all the energy that you’d expect from a TXT song!


The charm of “GxxD BOY” is the way that it switches up from the barely-there whisper at the beginning to the full-bodied vocals of the pre-chorus. The bouncy rap is also backed by a light whisper that really cements the effortless vibe of the song. EVERGLOW is known for their girl-crush style, but this track is on another level!

11. SF9 – “Now Or Never”

You’d think that the hardcore EDM sound of “Now Or Never” might drown out a whisper, but this track proves that a soft vocal tone and whisper section is perfectly suited to a more intense backtrack. The whisper makes the chorus super impactful, and the ending is definitely ASMR-worthy!

Which is your favorite song from the list? Are there any you would add? Let us know down below!

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