Giant Pink Apologizes For Her Dog’s Fatal Attack On Another Dog

Rapper Giant Pink has issued a personal apology regarding the recent accident involving her pet dog Hoochu.

On May 16, Giant Pink released a statement through her agency. Her apology follows an accident involving her pet dog biting another dog at a park with the bite proving to be fatal. The owner of the deceased dog criticized Giant Pink’s sister’s attitude following the accident, saying, “I met up with Giant Pink’s older sister two days after the accident, but she was dressed as if she had just come from a workout, and she crossed her legs as soon she sat down without saying a word. I did not feel like she was someone who had come to offer an apology.”

They further explained that five days after the accident, she was contacted by Giant Pink’s husband asking to meet. However, they stated that they couldn’t muster up the courage to go meet them since they were finding it even harder to cope after meeting with Giant Pink’s sister. They added, “It was painful to see Giant Pink post about her daily life on social media as well as photos of her going to a pet cafe with her dog and communicating with other people. Once a dog starts biting, there is a possibility that more dogs or people may fall victim to it.”

Giant Pink’s apology is as follows:

Not too long ago, I heard about the news regarding the accident involving Hoochu, the pet dog I am raising together with my older sister.

Although I wasn’t present at the scene of the accident, I felt so apologetic as [Hoochu’s] co-owner and as someone who raises a pet.

I want to deliver my apologies in person, so I have contacted the owner of the dog who was a victim, and I am waiting for a response.

I sincerely apologize to the owner who must be suffering a great loss due to this accident, and I would really like to apologize in person.

I apologize for causing concern.

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