“Pachinko” Star Kim Min Ha Talks About Her Emotional Reaction To Season 1 Finale, Playing A Mother, And More

In a recent interview and pictorial for Elle magazine, “Pachinko” star Kim Min Ha dished on her experience filming the hit drama and more!

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Min Jin Lee, “Pachinko” is a multi-generational saga of war and peace, love and separation, and victory and judgment that spans Korea, Japan, and the United States. Last month, Apple TV+ announced that the star-studded show had been renewed for a second season.

When asked how she felt after the end of Season 1, Kim Min Ha remarked, “Out of all the months in my life, it was the month that went by the fastest. I fell deeply into enjoying the drama from the very first episode, and I was sobbing while I watched the last episode.”

As for the response to her acting that made her the happiest, Kim Min Ha revealed that she was most pleased by “being praised for my Busan satoori [dialect].”

“Pachinko” marked Kim Min Ha’s first time playing a mother, and the actress confessed that she had initially been worried about whether she’d be able to pull it off. However, all of those concerns melted away when she met her on-screen son on set.

“Right up until filming began, I was really worried,” she recalled, “but when I actually saw Noa [Park Jae Jun], I naturally felt a protective instinct towards him. Jae Jun also called me ‘Fake Mom’ and was great at following my lead.”

In terms of her personality and life philosophy, Kim Min Ha shared, “I’m the type of person who has a lot of curiosity. I think that when I find something fun or appealing, I easily think to myself, ‘Should I try it once?'”

The actress also went on to reveal that she’s gained inner strength and peace in recent years. “Starting from three years ago, I’ve been meditating consistently and trying to find my own unique rhythm, and that’s given me a certain freedom and sense of ease,” she explained. “Which, in turn, has made it possible for me to take care of the people around me.”

While you wait for Season 2 of “Pachinko,” watch Kim Min Ha in “Partners for Justice” with subtitles below!

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