SF9’s Rowoon And Lee Soo Hyuk Share A Tense Confrontation In “Tomorrow”

MBC’s “Tomorrow” shared new stills of SF9’s Rowoon and Lee Soo Hyuk!

Warning: mention of individuals contemplating suicide.

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “Tomorrow” is a fantasy drama starring Rowoon as Choi Joon Woong, a mortal who gets into an unfortunate accident while struggling to find a job. As a result, he crosses paths with grim reapers Goo Ryun (Kim Hee Sun) and Lim Ryoong Goo (Yoon Ji On), who work together to save the lives of those who are contemplating suicide, and he winds up joining their team in the underworld as their youngest member.


In the last broadcast, Choi Joon Woong visited the Jade Emperor (Kim Hae Sook) after Goo Ryun was having a difficult time when her sadness levels reached 100 percent on the anniversary of her passing. He learned that Goo Ryun and Park Joong Gil (Lee Soo Hyuk) were married in their past lives, but the two currently have no memories of the past, raising questions about what will occur once they find out.

The newly released stills capture Choi Joon Woong going alone without the members of the Crisis Management Team to Park Joong Gil’s office. Choi Joon Woong looks cautious, gaze filled with worry, as if he has something he wants to tell Park Joong Gil. Furthermore, Park Joong Gil appears surprised by Choi Joon Woong’s unexpected visit, stopping his work and looking up from his papers to observe Choi Joon Woong with a stiff expression.

Another photo captures Park Joong Gil strangling Choi Joon Woong’s neck with one hand, creating a tense scene. Park Joong Gil’s cold expression freezes the atmosphere around him. Viewers are curious to find out why Park Joong Gil is expressing such great rage against Choi Joon Woong and why Choi Joon Woong has come visiting Park Joong Gil’s office.

The next episode of “Tomorrow” airs on May 20 at 9:55 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Lee Soo Hyuk in “Doom at Your Service” below:

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