Lee Je Hoon’s Agency Announces Strong Legal Action Against The Spread Of False Rumors Regarding His Private Life

Lee Je Hoon’s agency Company On will be taking strong legal action against the spread of false information.

On May 18, Company On released the following statement on Instagram:

Hello. This is Company On.

The agency recently confirmed that false information regarding the private life of our agency’s actor Lee Je Hoon is being spread through internet posts, various online communities, and social media.

We want to clearly state that [the rumors] are completely groundless.

The agency plans on taking strong and severe legal action against those who publish posts of defamation against actor Lee Je Hoon through the spread of false information and malicious slander.

The agency will continue to work hard to take all the necessary measures in order to protect the agency’s actors going forward.

Thank you.

Earlier on May 19, one netizen claimed on an online community that Lee Je Hoon is currently preparing for marriage.

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