Watch: Kep1er, VIVIZ, And WJSN Perform Songs Chosen By Their Fans On “Queendom 2”

“Queendom 2” has begun its last battle before the show’s final live broadcast!

On the May 19 broadcast of Mnet’s “M Countdown,” the six teams competed in “Fantastic Queendom,” a continuation battle of Round 3. In this round, each team was to create a performance with fans by singing a song chosen by their fans.

Since this is the final round before the live show, this battle has a massive total of 15,000 points at stake. In order to create the most perfect performance, each competitor took a different route to conversing with fans, such as Hyolyn going busking, Brave Girls holding a live broadcast, and WJSN holding a surprise fan meeting. At their event, WJSN also surprised fans by announcing that WJSN’s Bona would finally be joining the group for Round 3, after missing out on the first few performances due to filming for tvN’s hit drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One.”

As decided by the previous round’s winner Hyolyn, this battle’s lineup order was Kep1er, VIVIZ, WJSN, LOONA, Brave Girls, then Hyolyn.

To decide on their competition song, Kep1er gathered in a practice room with their fans. They settled on a song by Girls’ Generation, because members Tiffany and Taeyeon worked with Kep1er as masters on “Girls Planet 999” and “Queendom 2.”

The group decided to perform “The Boys” by Girls’ Generation, showing off an image that was much darker and bolder than Kep1er’s usual concepts. Following their performance, Taeyeon praised them saying, “I watched so enjoyably. Our maknae Kep1er’s performance was so cool and overflowing with charisma.”

Watch their performance here!

After discussing with their fans, VIVIZ decided to perform one of their new songs, as opposed to one they released as GFRIEND. They chose to revamp their debut track “BOP BOP!” with a high-energy cheerleader concept after revealing that they had never gotten the opportunity to perform the song in front of a live audience.

Following their stage, SinB expressed her satisfaction, saying, “Out of all of our performances so far, I did this one most enjoyably and happily.”

Catch their “BOP BOP!” performance below!

The third performers were WJSN, and the remaining competitors shared excitement to see Bona re-join the group. During the group’s preparations, Bona comforted Exy who was showing a lack of confidence. She told her, “You can do it. There’s nothing you can’t do.”

Bona later shared how apologetic she felt to her group members for missing out on the first few rounds and explained, “As I joined during Round 3, I really wanted to become at least a bit of strength [to the group].”

Since this was her first time participating in the group’s “Queendom 2” practices, Bona commented, “I watched Episodes 1 and 2 on TV and I felt weird. I feel a bit excited now. I feel the most thrilled when I’m on stage. This is the real Bona.”

Watch WJSN’s musical-like performance of their fan-favorite b-side “Pantomime” here!

Next week’s episode will feature performances by LOONA, Brave Girls, and Hyolyn. The results of this round are especially important as Brave Girls will be eliminated from the program if they rank in sixth place for the second consecutive time.

“Queendom 2” airs on Thursdays at 9:20 p.m. KST and is available for live global streaming on Mnet’s YouTube channel.

Catch up with last week’s episode here!

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