Key Points To Anticipate In Lee Jin Wook And Lee Yeon Hee’s Upcoming Drama About The Realities Of Wedding Prep

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” has shared an intriguing moving poster along with some key points to look forward to in the drama!

Kakao TV’s original drama “Welcome to Wedding Hell” (also known as “Marriage White Paper”) is a relatable romance about a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage. While they were expecting a happy ending like something out of a fairy tale, the reality of their preparations proves to be somewhat different.

Lee Jin Wook will be starring as Seo Joon Hyung, the smitten groom-to-be who is happy to yield to his fiancée’s every command. Lee Yeon Hee will be taking on the role of the lovable bride-to-be Kim Na Eun who is affectionate and full of laughter but also sharp when working.

The new moving poster is presented in the form of a bridal magazine and uses Seo Joon Hyung and Kim Na Eun as a guidebook for all couples preparing for marriage.

Here are two key drama points that highlight the differences between the bride and groom in “Welcome to Wedding Hell”!

The Groom – Seo Joon Hyung

Seo Joon Hyung is handsome, friendly, and has a coveted job working for the government. His keywords are romantic, gentle, and sweet, and since he is such an innocent romantic, he’s open to doing anything for his girlfriend and is quite different from an average person in their 30s.

That’s why from the touching proposal to the extravagant wedding for his one and only marriage, Seo Joon Hyung doesn’t want to weigh his options and just wants to do everything luxuriously, choosing only the best of the best and doing everything the couple desires. While Seo Joon Hyung seems like the perfect groom on paper, viewers should stay tuned to see whether he will also act this ideally in marriage.

The Bride – Kim Na Eun

Kim Na Eun is a smart, realistic, and reasonable woman who has taken one of the most highly-regarded career paths in Korea: being a star student, getting accepted into a university in Seoul, and getting a job at a major company. What is more important to Na Eun in marriage than a dazzling dress and an extravagant wedding is an efficient future for the couple. However, she believes that a marriage cannot be efficient if the couple does everything their hearts desire.

Although Na Eun is someone who enjoys and is used to getting everything done independently, she quickly realizes that wedding preparations cannot be done alone. Anticipation is rising to see whether the reasonable Na Eun will also be able to take an “ideal path” throughout her wedding preparations as she balances reality and Joon Hyung’s ideals.

The production team of “Welcome to Wedding Hell” commented, “With five days left until the premiere of ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ that the actors and producers worked hard together to prepare, we’ve released a moving poster produced with a guidebook cover concept. With one look, you’ll be able to see the main themes of realistic drama ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ which consists of 12 episodes that captures ‘everything about marriage,’ which all Korean bride-to-be’s of 2022 will definitely have worried about, at least once. Please join us for the first episode which will be released on May 23 to find out whether visual fantasy couple Joon Hyung and Na Eun will be able to create a fantasy-like marriage too.”

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” is a mid-form drama that will air a total of 12 30-minute episodes. Premiering on May 23, the drama will air on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

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