8 Chaotic Tracks By PSY To Light Your Summer Up

Summer is nearing and that means three things: Beaches, vacations, and summer jams. If you’re in the mood for some high-energy bops to spice up your sunny season, leave it to the one and only PSY. The singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and CEO of his own label, P NATION, is known for his comical tracks and MVs that are simply chaotic. The touch of satire in the lyrics as well as the cinematography makes this creative artist a legend in the music industry, both domestically and worldwide.

Taking a chronological walk down PSY’s musical timeline, here are eight chaotic tracks to light your summer up!

1. “Right Now”

If you’re stuck in traffic, overworking yourself at the office, or anywhere else where you’d suddenly feel bummed in general, turn this song on right now. In his own frenzied style, PSY addresses life’s usual worries and motivates his listeners to shake it off and vibe with the music. The best part? This would work great for a dance battle on a sunny day!

2. “Gangnam Style”

This banger went viral, and for good reason: the chorus is an earworm, the horse dance is catchy, and the entirety of the music video is captivating madness. This summer release literally took the world by storm and was played everywhere — no wonder the MV held YouTube’s records for nearly a decade. With the upcoming heat, it sounds like a good idea to adopt PSY’s Gangnam style!

3. “Gentleman”

PSY embraces his “naughty” gentleman side in this prank-filled bop that mildly borrows from “Gangnam Style” in a way. Visually, many celebrity cameos can be spotted throughout the clip, such as Ga In and Yoo Jae Suk, further adding to the fun. The lyrics and clip give off two different yet complementary vibes. Either way, entertainment is guaranteed with this one!

4. “Daddy” feat. CL

Only PSY would film a music video with him as the son, the father, and the grandfather and somehow have us believe they are three different individuals. Staying true to his jokester self and briefly featuring CL, the performer boasts about the origins of his charms all while embracing his not-so-chivalrous persona. Lyrics aside, this is an awesome beat to unwind to!

5. “I Luv It”

If you want a soundtrack that makes you feel fresh, young, and living life to the fullest, you know you gotta press play on this one. PSY is all over the place feeling himself, and he loves it. With cameos from Lee Byung Hun and Daimaou Kosaka, the bouncy beat, slick moves, and confident lyrics all indicate one thing: This is a bop for the hot season!

6. “New Face”

New face, new sound, same swag: That’s PSY for you. With another set of on-point satire and addictive choreography, the MV features a rather familiar face, which is none other than Apink’s Son Naeun. This is exactly the sound you need to kickstart your vacation or perhaps even start new somewhere else. Just sing along and let the music move you!

7. “That That” feat. BTS’s Suga

What’s a PSY playlist without his latest hot comeback after five long years? Featuring Suga, who co-wrote and produced the song, PSY welcomes back life after an arduous couple of years plagued by the pandemic. This epic jam is the best audiovisual experience to light up your summer and enjoy the little things while they slowly but surely go back to how they once were.

8. “Celeb”

Joined by one of Korea’s finest celebrities, Suzy, PSY delivers an amusing rendition for famous people. The groovy rhythm and colorful settings send viewers on a VIP trip to get a glimpse of what the glam life looks like. Summers are where hopes and dreams shape themselves, so feel free to imagine yourself as the celebrity PSY is fervently serenading in this one!

Which of PSY’s tracks is your summer jam? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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